W26 The Secretary ate my homework

Leonie’s small blog island says hullooo! (:

Can you believe it’s Week 26? I’ve been doing this workblog approach for approximately half a year already (though I have been blogging since 2011 and have been posting the occasional hobbyist art online since 2005 but hushhh). I wasn’t sure if I could even get this far…and here we are. How did this happen.

Thanks to the few of you, for coming along on this ride with me and cheers to more improvement for all! (:

Let’s go crazy! Journal Time!


11th Wed

  • nothing art related, as computer troubleshooting and other life things took over

12th Thurs

  • managed to make time to get the greyscale Secretary concept done (and finished watching the Bioshock 2 experience). Values not set in stone as overall colours are still to be determined during this month. I need a break from this so I aim to come back with fresh eyes.
PV The Secretary: the rest of the team preferred the tentacle coming out of her eye so here it is. Her side view eyelashes need to be changed but I’ll do so during the next stage.

13th Fri and 14th Sat

  • lower arm/hand got strained and needed a break (oddly enough it’s due to non-art related reasons)…Advice: don’t use so much force on your arm!

  • upper arm sore on Saturday but went on and worked a bit on the environment cube; progress not substantial enough to show as I don’t want to make the muscle strain worse

15th Sun

  • busy with something scheduled today (and realised this week’s blog post is lacking so far) but…
  • I got some train adventuuures in!
Drawing on a pad of new glossy paper where lead cannot go; going pen all the way. Of course I have back up normal paper and pencils on hand when necessary.

16th Mon & 17th Tues

  • PV Environment perspective concept: I would think I would be tired of tentacles by now but I’m at the point where I’m just focusing on getting it done. I’ve been working on this cube on and off for quite a while and I’ve still got the other two walls to do. The packed tentacle wall was not to be rendered to the fullest due to the distance and the fact that it’s during the Creature’s dormant and muted state. I will still need to play around with the tentacle colours as I try to balance out how muted it would be. 3 point perspective gives me such deformations!
PV Greyscale Environment/Creature Concept for the CEO and Exit walls *Version 1* As there is nitpicking to be made when feedback arrives.
  • started to write out dot points and researched deeper for the Storytelling topic
  • PV drew all the things I’ve concepted so far to get them on physical paper (see them next week)

Reflection for the Week

Unfortunately, this week’s update is lacking as I’ve either been recovering from arm strain or I’ve been
preparing to help out an event going on this week (at the time of
posting). Feeling horrible for a relatively lacking post especially when I’ve reached the mid-year mark (see the blog’s title) so there will be much more next week hopefully! (:

Thanks for looking, especially those who have been reading! (:
Until next time, Leonie