W28 Got hit by the PaxPox zombie plague

Leonie’s small blog island says hullooo! (:
Essentially this week, I attempt to recover from Paxpox whilst trying to get back on track with my student film project, Position: Vacant (PV)…mission: get this environment done!

Let’s go crazy! Journal Time!

24th Wed

  • PV Environment: continued work on cube as a mute ever since PAX Aus so I wrote notes and typed out what I wanted to say to my team members instead! Fun times as I couldn’t retaliate against my classmates’ jokes regarding my lack of voice; not that I talk a lot normally.

25th Thurs

  • PV Environment: as a mute once again, I continued work and finished on the cube thanks to team member Victor lending me his tablet but I kept falling asleep and
    taking naps in class due to the worsening cold (paxpox I’ve heard is common, I’ve learned). I would work a bit on the environment and then I couldn’t bear the drowsiness any longer, so I napped. This cycle kept going to the point that the naps became longer than 20 minutes and then I got sent home an hour early by
    my team leader Tonko to get some rest. But at least I got two walls of the environment done and clarifications were made for the rest of the project!
PV Environment Design part 1 version 2, ceiling still too high but it will be dealt with in 3D instead. WIP as lighting is still not commenced rendering wise.

26th Fri

  • As I was still sick, I stayed at home instead of going to class! This is the first time in forever that I stayed at home when sick as I usually soldiered on (I made sure people kept away from me, when I do this). I worked on the environment a bit when I was conscious enough and blocked in part 2 (not shown here yet) and refined part 1 into version 3 (see below). I don’t know how long I’ve been working on this anymore!
PV Environment Design part1 version 3 with lighting in place this time! I can’t make things too dark as I still want the environment elements to be visible for production purposes.

27th Sat

  • PV Environment: Set myself with two projects to juggle with but I aim to finish the other two Environment walls by Sunday! Then I shall add colours (optimistically speaking that is). I felt worse today though with the cold so I didn’t manage to go far with Environment Design part 2.

28th Sun & 29th Mon

  • PV Environment: decided to get the Secretary and the Couch wall done despite the slow progress due to the terrible paxpox! At least it’s not getting any worse…I think.
PV Environment Design part 2 for the Waiting area wall/Couch wall and + the Secretary wall. It is done finally! I have realised that by working on this…that I still enjoy working on characters more.

30th Tues

  • PV Environment: doing the colours…apprehensively. This is just blocking in the base colours and figuring out what suits relative to the story. Paxpox stage: coughing + headache + fatigue.
WIP PV Environment CEO and Exit walls: colours blocked in. I’ve chosen an
old timey 60’s fancy office waiting area vibe of golden yellows and
red-browns. Warm, comforting, rich but ultimately deceiving to the eye. I don’t think this is what the rest of my team were expecting! Shall wait and see if people are going to nitpick my colour choices.

Reflection for the Week

Due to paxpox, it has been a very slow week in terms of productivity but I am incredibly glad that I’ve finished doing the greyscale concept art for the environment at last, especially when I’d rather draw characters and rough environment sketches than fully rendered environments. However this is concept art all the same and I hope environments (and might as well say everything else) will not be a weakness of mine forever!

I really hope to get back to figure drawing exercises and gesture drawing once again and start my research project soon…after I get back on track with PV’s colours, exterior environment design, painting designs, title card designs and lighting designs that is. I hope to try a different approach for the exterior environment design…we shall see!

Thanks for looking, especially those who have been reading! (:
Until next time, Leonie