Life Drawing 7 – Mixed Media Female & did I improve?

Hullo there! Last life drawing session…for this year at least. (Done on Nov 23rd, yes I’ve spaced them out!)

Somewhat not happy with this session as the focus turned out more about the media as I kept switching (as we were given choices this time) and…the beast of indecision attacked me. I should have done more studies with a focus, but I guess I have already allowed this session to be a relaxed one where anything goes.

Too late to do it differently!

1 min Quick poses in charcoal; got some light block ins and lines going
1 min studies in charcoal continues
5 minute pose where I seemed to have forgotten how to use the charcoal; rather the lack of focus here is apparent here
5 minute poses
5 minute poses; charcoal working against me perhaps or that I shouldn’t be using the charcoal as if it was a pencil. Fingerprinting at the top left to minimise the charcoal mess.
5 minute pose with charcoal and scribblies
Long pose with a quill pen; I did these without pre planning the proportions so…wished I did!
Quill pen face…I want a pen like this! It’s tricky though.
Long Pose: Trying out ink and wash and then an ink pen for the lines…don’t really know about this one.
Long Pose: Washy Hair and Precise lines
Long Pose: 2B & 6B pencils…I don’t like how the head is relative to her body. The instructor said she looks somewhat masculine too. Whoops. My tiny writing says “huge head” if you must know.
Long Pose: detail shot of the head looks better without the body unfortunately. This is what happens when you don’t measure out the proportions beforehand! Does she really look that masculine?
Long Pose: detail shot of the body. It does look better without her head! I didn’t think things would get so gruesome around here involving headless people, my apologies. I think I like this one, more than all the others out of this session. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

Overall, I didn’t really get actual tutoring from this 6 session beginner’s life drawing course, just general guidance, a chance to draw life models for the first time and got my first few life drawing sessions rolling. Other (common sense or not?) lessons include: mastering all techniques isn’t everything, stop forgetting that details come later & get the proportions first, keep trying different things and draw more loosely once in a while.

Will probably do more life drawing sessions in the future, but moreso of the “just rock up on the day” kind rather than a formal course. And perhaps get some more fellow like minded friends to come with me like I did with this friend here. I know I need more sessions with a focus at least!

Did I improve? Not sure, you tell me! I know I’m not good enough yet as I haven’t done enough anatomical studies and it’s been a long while. Something to work on.

My last update for this year; reflection

Overall this year was a jumble of a journey for me. I went from doing multimedia the first half of this year to learning 3D modeling and animation for the first time during the second half. I believe I will be continuing with 3D animation and VFX next year though I am not at all keen on the Visual effects side of things at the moment. It also depends on whether I actually earn myself an opportunity to do 3D game art next year but I won’t be too optimistic.

I’m going for 3D animation and VFX instead of game art next year because I’m more about the pre-production side of things: concepting stories visually, concepting characters and environments, sequential art, storyboards, illustrate all of these fictional worlds and experiences, designing all the visual elements whether it be for game or film or comic or poster and so on. Though character design will probably be what I enjoy most in comparison to environments, I know I need to be able to draw environments professionally too. And it seems that the animation side of things will give me more room to work on the above areas (I would hope).

Still I’m far from industry standard in terms of skill level. At times it frustrates me as well as motivates me; mixed feelings to say the least. And knowing that there are plenty of people around the globe already doing what I’d like to do or who also want to do what I want to do (many of whom are universes ahead of me and are working multifold more times than me) doesn’t help with the self doubts I have. Fear of uncertainty is a monster to be handled sometimes but I know it has to be done and risks need to be taken in order to get anywhere worthwhile. One must believe! Shall have to keep going at it!

Since I enjoy creating things, then learning the skills to create and illustrate these characters, worlds and stories effectively and well should be my main goal…it’s just a matter of finding a focus first among all the overwhelming amount of things I’d like to learn, which is difficult for me to do. My main goal below is not specific in terms of where to start.

“Main Goal: I aim to be able to draw, paint, illustrate, sculpt, create anything I want and imagine to a professional standard and then bring out and tell the stories within someday.” There will never truly be an endpoint in this goal but I hope I keep getting closer. This, and becoming a better person.

Updates will not be as frequent as I’m currently sorting myself out, working on something among other things and eventually I need to sort myself out on acting on a focused goal that I can stick to, not something I planned out of desperation with unrealistic and too optimistic expectations which leads to inaction altogether.

I need a plan and starting point of my own to learn the foundations I lack in terms of drawing firstmost. I welcome you coming with me for this learning ride and hopefully you have and will get something out of my blogging adventures (:

Anyway thanks for looking (at my essay)! Oh, and Happy holidays too! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated!
Until next time from,
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