Animation Practice – Late Night Musings

Hullo! I did this last month but I forgot to post it…and probably because I need much more practice on the 3D animation side of things. Short blog post relatively to the others.

Note that this one isn’t publicised hoho. Though if you are a RSS subscriber, you’d see this (:

My simplistic 2D storyboard animatic:

And my 3D rendered animation (not really polished here) as follows:
I’m just going to link it as I know it’s not as well produced as I would have liked.
For one, his hands were really floaty as my teacher rightly said. And there’s probably more things wrong with it; clearly I am not an actor!
The story is much shorter than the original 2D animatic I made.

Thoughts on my current learning journey
Animation in itself is not one of my strengths, but I will keep practicing when able.
In terms of the animation/film world*, I am finding that I’m more interested in storyboarding, drawing key poses, sequential art, 2D storytelling/pre-visualisation/pre-production/concept art and character development. In terms of game art* it would be conceptual art, 3D sculpting, character design & production, environment design (another weak area of mine) & production, painting and probably some others. These things, and making things look awesome; I am clearly far away and not up to that level, but I shall keep trying. (: 

*Before anyone corrects me, I am aware that these two worlds overlap a lot! More or less it means I don’t mind either field whenever there are overlaps.

Thanks for looking! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated!
Until next time,
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