Life Drawing Session 2


Pen Quick Sketches now (5min?)

5min Pen Sketches Continued
More Poses, 5 mins each
20 minute pose with lighting & tone as the focus with black peeeennnnnnnn
Then things became crazy when our model had to pose with a skeleton dummy model (20min) And first time using a quill/ink pen…it is tricky
I got this view and I stayed to take on drawing the skeleton that more or less obscured the life drawing model. Other fellow members moved to the other side of the room as they didn’t want to draw the skeleton. Got “punched” for not moving and for actually drawing the skeleton. Though the plus side was, the dummy didn’t require breaks from posing. Apparently I was given permission to take the skeleton dummy home as well, in which I immediately declined. The head of the dummy rotated all around its axis (gruesome!) thus why it has a pillow and not the life model. Drew a random attempt at the pelvis bone below too.
The same pose as before but from a different angle. I moved position at last as I was done with the previous angle. Started diluting the ink as well and the paper didn’t handle it well. All the angles with the life model in better view were taken by other people. But anyway…Spooning, to a new frightening level!

Thanks for looking! (:
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