Animation Principles – Balls, squirrels and lip syncing


Here I post my beginning adventures in doing 3D animation…and I’m not that good at it yet.

Ball falling Exercise (not perfect mind you):


Production of a basic 3D animation:
My first proper 2D digitally drawn animatic about a squirrel ball, striving to be great! I didn’t know what little story I should do at first but then this happened.


The “not as good as the 2D version” 3D animated version as follows.
Only the squirrel model itself is not made by me.
Will have to redo it all over as further practice if there’s time!


Lip Sync Exercise; not happy with it as I need more practice and I struggled with the Joint rig. The Head model and rig came from Faceware Tech and the audio was from the 11 Second Club:


All this makes me think that this is an area I need loads of work on, if I choose to learn further in animation skills and all that. The 3D animation side was really tricky for me and I haven’t got things to look as I would have liked. Indeed animation is another area where there’s always more to learn!

I must say though, I got carried away with the 2D animatic as I really enjoyed doodling it! I got told that it was perhaps too much for an animatic but I got all the understanding of the principles all there; I just don’t have it produced similar in standard for the 3D animated version.

Perhaps storyboarding, 2D animatics and all that is more my cup of tea…at least for now.

Thanks for looking! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time from,
UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity

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