Nomad Panda – Base Character Concept Art


Yes it’s not a Fun Friday; I dub this day as Timely Tuesdays! It’s where I find myself with something I need to post asap to get feedback, so I post them earlier within this scheduled time. (:
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Wastelander-esque Panda


I’m currently working (volunteering, if you want to be technically correct) on a Character for a team of game programmers. It’s their student game project and they wanted a “Wastelander Panda” webseries sort of Panda character with a Fallout 3 vibe to it. He also carries trash around. Their game is a puzzle 2D platformer, so I will need to make a spritesheet for them asap.

These are my rough sketches/thumbnails to get an idea of the Panda they’re looking for.

Brainstorming: The Garbage Collector vests/clothes were for kicks really. They liked the mix of the scarf and the vest at the bottom lower left corner.
Concepting ideas for clothes/accessories for their Wastelander Panda-esque game. In the end, I chose Concept A for them as it’ll be more simpler to make into a small sprite sheet. Which do you like?
One of them said Trashcan so I concepted a few designs for the trashcan. Turns out they want a trashbag in the end. Won’t be using this concept I guess! At least I’ve drawn some man-made stuff though!         

Finally getting the sprites finished!

Took me much longer than I would have thought but I am finally (hopefully) done with the sprite sheet for their game. Took me over a day to figure stuff out, animating it to see how it looks and rendering via pixels. It’s tiny compared to the concept art as each frame is 42×42.

Wastelander Panda Jumping Spritesheet
Wastelander Panda Walking/Sliding Spritesheet
See him stand, walk/run and slide!
And now he leaps!

Not perfect so feedback is appreciated. (:


My own Nomad Panda Project

At this point, I figured that I might as well work on the Character Project of my own by building on this panda I’ve made as well, since I’ve spent considerable amount of time for the programmer’s Wastelander-esque Panda.

Thus begins my development of Nomad Panda.

Playing with and honing on my own variation of the proportions a bit based on Googled reference photos. Studies of Pandas! Debating between puffy cheeks.
Figured red pen needed to be used as black and blue are running out.
What I can say is…I’m getting used to drawing pandas now?
Last Page of studies for my Nomad Panda Design with some furry paws and some accessories studies of the Fallout 3 concept art.
Click to see it larger. My Base Character Concept Design is finished! The fur took the longest time! I will design the extra accessories at another time as the allocated time for this project is less than 2 weeks! Stressing out. So all I have now is just a Panda design without his gear. ):

And then I tried out some colour hue changing for other colour choices. But I’m sticking with the original one of oranges and blues mixed into the blacks and whites of the panda.

Colours being tested…rainbow?

Am trying to avoid Kung fu panda feel and any other established pandas out there.

Just recently finished my Base Mesh (2nd attempt after the 1st one got corrupted just when I had the belly/torso done):

Panda Base Mesh: For my 2nd character I’ve done, this is a much better attempt at a base mesh this time around for me with better topology, shapes and even squares; phew & hooray! (:

Currently up to: Sculpting in Mudbox, probably a bit behind schedule…it’s due next week!

Feedback is appreciated preferably before it’s due!!!
Thanks for looking! (:
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