Watercolour: Melbourne City in the Winter daytime & RSS/email updates

Very tiny watercolour piece. One has to be veeery patient with watercolours, waiting for them to dry. Because they spread and explode where you don’t want them to.

The being in the red jacket is me and this is my interpretation of early Winter mornings in Melbourne’s CBD. And I draw myself in that red jacket so I’m recognisable in illustration, not because I wear it all the time haha

At times I had to walk behind someone who was casually walking ahead of me smoking and I struggled not to passive smoke. [Disclaimer: I don’t smoke and I know a few people who smoke, so nothing against your freedom of choice despite the health risks; I completely understand that you struggle to find a place where you can smoke. I just don’t want to be forced to smoke what you’ve smoked thanks]

And at the station there were seas of people going up escalators and mobs of people going from place to place either in cars or on footpaths. Basically felt busy, crowded and makes you feel insignificant and tiny.

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