Fanart: Okamiden Sketch

This is a rough sketch/compositional plan on  how I’m going to do my watercolour.
At time of writing, I ‘ve finished the watercolour stage but I need to get some  background going.

Gosh this game is emotionally involving for me; made me a bit teary!
Okami was a game about replenishing nature and overcoming evil [which took a while for me to pick  up].
Okamiden was the same except the underlying main theme is the power of friendship.

At first I thought Okamiden was more of the same [rehash of Okami] and for the first half of the game I was taking my time and taking long breaks from it in the first week and a half, not really eager to finish it. When it was around 60% into the game [in the middle of having 4 of the 5 partners], the story picked up, became somewhat unpredictable in plot and I couldn’t stop playing and finished it within two days.
It was a pleasant and relieving surprise. It’s not an outstanding, perfect game but it was worth the time!

A game that actually got me doing fanart for it. (: