Fanart/Giftart for MiyaGalactic / ミーヤ! ✩

MiyaGalactic timelapse short featuring lots of sketches before the final!

I did this one night (day after GCAP Day 2) and was trying to be more faster – limiting myself from time consuming rendering.

Instead I just struggled to get to a drawing I liked so I did rush this and was still out of it from GCAP the day before so I was not fully functional! I don’t know if I like this piece or my previous one – I didn’t check while doing this :’)

It is faster in terms of rendering but I’m not confident yet.

Why is art so hard.

I’ve been staring at it too long – I don’t know if this art is good/passable or not anymore ahhhh

MiyaGalactic on her creative, fun, inspiring adventures!

My previous fanart/giftart here.

Just doing this because I wanted to cheer her on while I do another illustration attempt ;D

I’m inspired by her and many other art and creative streamers!

One day I’ll have more of the courage, capacity, audience, personality, drive and energy to do what many independent Vtubers/creators/streamers/artists do!

Anyhoo yes a short blog post! ;D