Fanart / Tea with 2B from NieR: Automata, testing instagram + timelapse!

Little timelapse! Nourishing for the cold, dark soul! (:

After over a year quitting instagram, I’m posting there again to test the waters

Goodness it’s still hard to get any comments! Same with twitter. But that’s how the internet is.

I didn’t think I would be back testing the waters there – I was fed up and genuinely did quit for good!

I hated it for being mobile/app centric. And too many features to use and it demands you to engage with it like a full time job so I don’t bother. Being allowed to post from desktop really changes things and makes it *much* easier for me to just post and hide.

That’s what finally turned me around after much deliberation. I wouldn’t have gone back if it wasn’t for that.

Instagram is still heavily biased towards video content, active engagement and has a brutal algorithm so I accept that and I will just appreciate the kind support I can get. I am aware that I’m not using the platform correctly/optimally and have given up long ago ;P

I don’t want to care too much. It doesn’t matter if instagram suddenly disappears too because I still have my blog! I just wanted to reach some artists/peeps who are only on instagram, appreciate the encouraging validation I get and that’s enough. I think that’s what bummed me the most when I quit – I still get the most likes at instagram and twitter doesn’t come close :’)

But yes I’m in a better headspace now to try posting there again. Not feeling amazing but hey I post at reddit and tested deviantart so why not instagram too! Feeling less attached to these metric things since I’m not obsessively tracking it anymore & I’m blocking my instagram likes counter from myself. Learning to not check my notifications too like with my twitter! I don’t want to be too addicted to that :’)

Many of these platforms are problematic, exhausting, overwhelming and skewed by an AI algorithm (and when will NFT & scams at these platforms stop) so I’ll just manage and juggle with what I can. Plus fanart does best at these places so why not indeed!

To be blunt, Instagram as of now is just another bonus place to reach people through my occasional fanart and finished illustrations. If you’d like to see my reflective rambles, personal art, sketches, studies, timelapses and the rest of my work as well – please continue checking this blog here. Next is probably twitter. Instagram is too demanding, unrewarding, overwhelming & draining for me to tackle and take it seriously. I’ve rambled countless times about that when I quit it.

Just posting random fanart and finished work at bonus places across the internet void is just manageable for me.

If I need to fully quit/take indefinite breaks from instagram again, I will without too much elaboration and acknowledgement. Let’s see how I go first ;P

Ah yes I limited comments to instagram followers only to minimise spam/promotional comments. I doubt I’ll get comments anyway :’)

Edit 17th May: I feel like I should submit personal finished illustrations too so I won’t have a fanart only place – it got more confusing and silly after a few days. I don’t want to be known as fanart artist on instagram when it’s not always the case!

Tea with 2B! 🍵

Not sure how androids can drink tea but yes.

Striving to not let myself stress out and self sabotage myself through escapism, procrastination and the dark void of fluffy, silly romantic fiction…and failing at it. I’m behind with my personal learning plans again and dreading some life things ahhhhh :’)

Here we go! Another week! Trying to keep my anxiety levels from life and art learning shenanigans low :<

Take care with your juggling!