SuperLeonieMode 336 / Sinking down again from hurt and disappointment, timelapse + Crossy Road Castle’s Candy Cafe came out!

Little timelapse!

I don’t remember how long this took me as I do these comics in bursts when I could and feel like it :’)

SuperLeonieMode: Sometimes, why bother :’)

That sinking feeling.

Being let down by people, circumstances, losing hope, struggling more with trust issues and getting overwhelmed, jaded, confused, doubtful, tired, alienated and demoralised. Being weighed down by the accumulation of my own emotional baggage, fears, expectations, ego and experiences.

Too many things out of my control anyway.

Releasing some feelings, going with the flow, letting go of things/people and accepting things as they are can help too.

Though disappointment still hits and hurts, I try to accept it and sit with the feelings.

Keep trying my best when I feel up to it.

Or just deflate, let go, get lost in the sea of brain fog and apathy.

Or distract myself with entertainment.

Other times I end up drawing my feelings like this so don’t mind me.

The final big updates for Animal Crossing look good & fleshes out the game so I feel sad. Still so burnt out hardcore designing my island so when watching the direct I was feeling anxiety, stress, dread, fear & conflicting feelings. I was shakily on the fence before & now I definitely don’t want to go back.

I was an AC newbie before this so is this normal for players? It’s not relaxing or fun when it feels like work.

PS: I was told ACNL had minigames & Puzzle League so I wish ACNH had that so it’s not just collecting/designing :’)

As much as the new things to collect look amazing, I do not want to go back into the time sink of designing my island all over again & making room for it.
Maybe AC isn’t for me.
But for those excited about AC, please enjoy it!

Yeah I had to vent/tweet out some feelings, even though I know nobody really cares.

I had to get the physical game away from me. I don’t want to see it.

Who knew that a slow paced cute game could be so traumatising :”)

Yeah I burnt myself out because I was stubbornly trying to get my island design done as it is. I didn’t want to deal with more content and I know I’m the minority – a lot are super excited to go back. Genuinely happy for AC fans~!

I wish I wasn’t this burnt out. I’m sad :’)

I do agree with some that all of the free updates should have been part of the game at launch. Because I do feel like I missed a good part of the experience (it now feels like a more complete game as much as I wish minigames/party games from New Leaf + other quality of life features were a thing). I wish had a complete set of things and *then* I can decorate my ideal island to completion without worrying about new shiny stuff ;P

Hey I guess it shows that I can get intense/hardcore about something if I have a lot of control (ie doing challenging island design) and then I completely lose interest once I burn out on it. Just like previous projects I’ve burnt out on :’)

Also I’m terrified of losing myself to the time sink of trying to design something amazing again! I don’t want to start over either. Hence my feelings of dread and anxiety.

Yeah I’m disappointed at how things turned out and how I don’t want to touch Animal Crossing games anymore. But it is how it is. I am grateful for the good memories that did happen though!

Ah the new CrossyRoadCastle update, Candy Cafe came out late last week!

I am really happy with the initial background decoration art assets I worked on for this tower.

Art boss Ashleigh and the whole Hipster Whale team did fantastic (:

I went straight to voxels and skipped doing concept art because it’s faster that way, especially when it’s food ;P I can’t eat them but I got to look at yummy food references I guess! :’)

No tribute giftart/”fanart” for new updates for this project anymore as I generally do them during my personal time (I’m not paid to do these), I am honestly running out of steam, I need to slowly take things off my plate and much of the art credit & art heavy lifting is by Ashleigh anyhoo!

I will still mention it like I have here, as I did help out and work on this project for a month!

I will post something next week but I might not be able to post on the usual Monday. We’ll see :<

Whelp turns out I need to rearrange things so that my break from posting is next week after all; apologies!

Thank you for coming by! I’m going back to curling into a ball ;P