Leonie’s Animal Crossing Sweetheart island (partial tour, dream address & map iterations)!

My time consuming map iterations!

Lots of planning since March 2020 and deciding where to plant and breed the flowers :’)

I’m finally done decorating my Animal Crossing Island! Feel free to visit to see the whole island!

Well mostly. I couldn’t be bothered getting all the art pieces, nor use custom designs so it’s not perfect nor super unique. It’s good enough for me!

I spent 650 hours playing this game so I’m pretty much feeling done. I iterated my island design a lot along the way so I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with (:

I finally made this post since I had my birthday late last month and spent some of it with AC villagers :’)

Let’s start with my home first! Featuring a few gifts I got when people still played this game :’)

Yes I finally decorated my home too! I have enough stuff to decorate with! Yes the mug is my only company in this empty house ;P

Hahaha hey, get out of my bathroom

Here to fight…CHAOS!!

I don’t even have people to eat with :’) It’s visually comforting and packed though.

Getting comfy with a lot of tea! Yes I am cold so I wear socks in sandals; who cares when I’m at home ;P

My private outdoor area (:

I wanted all the colours and flowers outside my house!

Egbert’s home!!

For most of my villagers, I’ve tried decorating their yard. I couldn’t do it properly for the 3 of them though as there was no more room.

Pietro’s home! If you don’t like him, please don’t visit my island and stay away.

I understand why. On my end however, I’m tired of people bullying and rejecting my arrogant rainbow clown sheep buddy ;P

My outside art exhibition that will never be finished!

I can’t be bothered anymore, it’s too hard when you’re doing this by yourself, Redd doesn’t come regularly enough and I’m burnt out on this game.

Outside art exhibition part 2! Look at all the empty tables nooo

Entrance to my museum!!

Nope you can’t access those benches mwahaha

Camping at the beach! Sand everywhere but at least it looks nice!

Orchards of fruit, flowers, rocks and pumpkins with a events area in the middle. Not all of it is visible in this photo but I bunched a lot up here ;P

My empty outdoor diner/restaurant!

Empty outdoor performance space/theatre!

And a Mario “level” too!

Thank you for looking at snapshots of my packed little island! I’ve been told it can get a bit laggy as it loads :’)

Please visit and explore if you want to see it as a whole!

PS: as much as I appreciate not having to depend on social media and I would like to grow my little email list, it’s not going to grow on its own merit (it’s been many years already). I definitely am grateful for those on the list for several years already (or are new) though!

I guess I’m tired and am striving to provide options rather than struggle and attempt artificial scarcity with my posts.

And since it feels like pulling teeth whenever I tell people about my email list, I’ll just have to tweet the art and blog post separately at the same time so I worry less about people ignoring my blog posts. I still might have to bump my art tweet later though gahhh

It can get time consuming so I’m doing & balancing what I can to reach and notify people :’)