StudyPost 08 / Figure drawing & more torso muscles!

Here we go again ;D

I did these rough drawings and studies before LightBoxExpo. I’m still recovering from under 4 days of sleep deprivation and I’m spending at least this week and next week to catch up on things I’ve missed!

Again, I haven’t watched most of the talks but so far LightBoxExpo was super inspiring and I feel less alone with so many people at different points of their artist’s journey! The community feels nice. I’ll probably ramble about personal lessons learned as I catch up with the many things I missed along the way :0

Hope to lean toward studies, fun doodles and art/illustration experiments from here because I have so much to improve on as an artist (always) and figuring out what I enjoy working on the most :0 I have a loose idea but nothing set in stone :S

I don’t know whether people will lose interest in the future but it’s super encouraging that I actually got over 300 instagram followers & a bit more peeps on twitter from the weekend! I thought I plateaued! Thank you so much!! 😭💖 I don’t follow many peeps but welcome and happy to casually talk on social media or at the blog comments! (:

See you next week when I’ve recovered, got some rest and attempt to build an art buffer again :’) Take care with lots of self care this week and thanks for looking & reading! (:

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