illustration / My entries to Pernille Ørum’s Draw this in your style LBX2020 Challenge!

So…which art style do you prefer?

My first dtiys attempt: version 1!

This is for Pernille Ørum’s LightBoxExpo Draw This In Your Style (DTIYS) Challenge [tw]! Please see her original illustration here!

Wow, this is my first time participating in an artist’s dtiys! So I tested two art styles. It’s actually fun and a good learning experience! :0 I might do more when I feel like it!

I might host my own once I celebrate having more followers. I don’t really have a huge, engaged following enough to participate ;P

Version 2: where I stick more to my toonier style

I think I personally like this better. I’m open to opinions too!

Day 1 of LightBoxExpo so far!

I don’t usually post during the weekend – it’s because LightBoxExpo is happening and I’m trying my best to participate! A lot of it runs during Australian bedtime and almost all day!! Goodbye good sleep times; I hope I am functional enough to get through these 3 days. I’m going to be a zombie so thank you for your patience :’)

Also my first time attending LightBoxExpo (I’m so grateful as I wouldn’t have gone physically otherwise!) I’m currently running on 3.5 hours sleep. Halp 😂

Super overwhelmed, stressed and confused by so many things happening and I’m feeling insignificant among many inspiring, dedicated artists :0! I believe most talks, if not all are recorded for everyone though! Plus private zoom meetings are capped so I’ve given up on joining most of them. A lot of confusion, trying to find where videos and streams are hosted and kept too. Lots of growing pains for this new event, which is understandable! Regardless, the event is super great, inspiring and promising so far! I hope to catch up with the countless things I want to see!

I will be twitter following inspiring artists and/or adding them to an artist twitter list during this expo! I don’t really check my twitter feed anyway so I might as well push my social media boundaries! :’) I’m more hesitant with following on instagram (as much as it’s ideal for visual artists) because I want to keep it small and manageable for me when I check art :’)

Digressing, thanks for reading! While I struggle getting by with little sleep, please enjoy your weekend! :0

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