SuperLeonieMode 316 / Tired & intense zone out 😢

SuperLeonieMode: tired & intense zone out 😢

When I’m thinking so much and/or feeling overwhelmed to the point that I’m intensely zoning out and staring into spaceee O___O ✨!!

Upon realising about my deadpan, serious expression, I snap out of it. Usually it goes unnoticed so I get lost in thought again until I’m done thinking and/or taking in the moment ;D

Sometimes it happens when my brain just can’t take in any input anymore so if someone is talking to me, my brain struggles to focus and I’ll ask people to repeat themselves :’) Brain fog? Fatigue? Needing recovery time? Struggling to stay in listening mode? Yes.

Yes, I think I have eternal eyebags too ;P

Oh is it normal to feel faint or light-headed when you’re exercising sometimes? I just wait a moment until I regain consciousness and get back into exercising again :’) I must be lacking in sleep when it happens :<

And who says my personal comics always have to be in the same art style? ;P I’ll keep and evolve my usual art style plus experiment with other art styles too when I feel like it! Hoping to keep these comics fun and interesting for me. Ultimately these comics are one of my ways of self expression :0!

I don’t know if this one is working but I’ll keep playing and learning :0

Anyhoo, please pace yourself, slow down and take care! Thanks for reading! Sending you positive energy this Wednesday!! πŸ’“

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