Character Design + illustration / Paw Paw portraits + LeonieUpdate!

In this little LeonieUpdate:

  • Paw Paw portraits 🌹
  • posting times reverted & interesting finds!

Finished Portraits of Paw Paw! 🌹

Decided to fully illustrate some character sketches (:

Sketch phase!

Lineart stage! I think I’m not going to bother doing multiple illustrations like this for every single character – I’ll burn out :’)

Since I started this project originally for an ArtStation challenge, I’ve run out of steam indeed! I’ve lost the purpose behind these over the top characters :’) As much as I’m getting tired of this personal project, I need to at least finish the remaining two characters and some additional illustrations too. Then I hope to move on :0

Little LeonieUpdates!

  • reverting posting times back to the original 9am AEST!
    • it seems that after my last post, it’s too early! Understandable. At least I tried :’)
    • ifttt failed to auto post to facebook so I’m going back to buffer from now on :’)
    • Thanks for bearing with me as I try to be more efficient with my mornings! I’ll compromise something else in my mornings :0
  • so far I do like these shorter, focused blog posts! 😀
  • needed some recovery time and have been out of it since I last posted :’)
  • An old man’s advice
    • a lovely “don’t give up” message by Bernard Albertson. His video was getting recommended on Youtube too. Rest in peace (he has passed away this month).
  • Can you catch narcissism from a narcissist?
    • goodness another one of her videos spoke to me.
    • Perhaps this is a reason why I’m guarded and quiet (probably cool, distant and rude?) a lot of the time. Always working against the tension, feelings of invalidation and struggling self worth. I don’t know what things will look like outside of “survival and self care” mode :’)
  • Charming, wonderful fanart animation by Shigloo called Luigi’s Long Night
  • Frozen 2 – Show Yourself (acapella by Jared Halley)

Thank you so much for reading!

Please stay safe and do your best today! (:

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