Illustration / HeatπŸ”₯πŸ’™ [July theme for CharlieRed] + LeonieUpdate!

In this little LeonieUpdate:

  • process for my illustration
  • little LeonieUpdates for this new time!

‘Heat’ illustration for CharlieRedJuly

Building powerful, calm, unwavering, warm love for yourself and for the important ones in your life πŸ”₯πŸ’™

In this mode, her hair acts like glowing, wispy fibres, hot as fire. It demonstrates the intensity of her powers and free spirit. She often wears fireproof clothing, tailored just for her ;D

It’s not an original concept but I felt like illustrating it <3

Illustration Process!

First sketch from two weeks ago: Um I was hungry okay! There’s a lot of delicious things (like pastries) I miss eating which can’t get delivered to me (or afford to) :’)

Attempting to do this in ClipStudioPaint and so far I do like sketching in it.

Lineart: simplifying and defining her hair!

Here I was struggling to get used to ClipStudioPaint with the lineart – I need to use a pen more rather than experimenting with the pencil tool! Can’t say I like the program yet so I will experiment again. Or maybe this is working because of the additional pencil texture. I don’t know.

Final illustration: finished rendering with ClipStudioPaint! Still not used to it and I’m still very attached to my ol’ Photoshop :’) Shall keep playing with both programs anyway!

Hm maybe I do like how it came out :0

Little LeonieUpdates! New time!

  • Hello a new, 2 hours earlier publishing time that I’m testing out!
    • Mornings are super busy for me so I’m trying this little bit of time (I’m either still sleeping and/or waking up) to see if it works better for me. I’ll just post the art and tend to it later.
    • Maybe it’ll prevent me from editing the blog post after publishing, unlike my last blog post. Since I’m not doing weekly recaps anymore, I’m still figuring out my blog posts :’)
    • I won’t be able to respond immediately (or sometimes a little; it depends)! In that light, I won’t have that rush for immediate validation (:
    • Edit: whelp reverting back! Too early for people :’)
  • My short contract work just ended yesterday and I don’t have any work lined up.
    • I think I’ll make time to recover a bit
    • but this means there’s more time to make more art and learn!!
  • Art career reflection questions (that Ashleigh shared!)
    • lots of food for thought and my answers will evolve, the more clarity and experiences I gain :<
  • Shadow: Adapting Chinese Art (Video Essay by Accented Cinema)
  • Which productivity method is right for you?
    • This quiz recommends how to best organise your life and it feels accurate to one’s strengths, challenges and goals!
    • For me it’s the “eat the frog” approach! Get the difficult, important stuff out of the way first! That’s why my mornings are always busy :’)
  • Haunted Metaphors – A Russian Doll Spoiler Video Essay by LadyKnighttheBrave

Thank you so much for reading!

May you have a wonderful, safe, relaxing time! (:

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