SuperListenMode: Introvert Versus Mega Games Industry Events

SuperListenMode: Introvert Versus Mega Games Industry Events

Since Melbourne Games Week is coming up later this month, I need recovery time! I prefer lovely small catch ups & deep conversations!
Away from things that revolve around drinking and noise.
Avoid most crowded, rowdy late night parties and rest up instead.
Else I become a super sad, isolated, quiet zombie ;P

I like peace, quiet and solitude.

And social events are the opposite. So I’m not inclined to regularly do them.
At times I make exceptions, to connect with people. Hopefully in a low key, quiet, 1 to 1 way. Where I intentionally push my comfort zone, emotionally prepare and exhaust myself to learn and catch up with cool, understanding peeps.
Apologies if I’m not much for conversation during crowded social things – I’m sure it’ll be a super intense and draining time for everyone, let alone me. It’ll be the most social stuff packed into the week! And that usually means people lose interest talking with me because I’m so tired and not used to social over-stimulation…ah well :’) I don’t have enough energy to be the friendly, sociable Leonie all day -.-;
Hopefully it doesn’t take me too long to recover this year! I’m already feeling tired thinking about it!
GDC is definitely larger, overwhelming and more crowded in comparison to what we have in Melbourne. So no thank you.
I’d rather quietly catch up away from that :’)

And I’d rather not go to the US anyway with all the sad news that’s been happening :<

This elephant is my symbolic embodiment of people who are extroverted, chill, relaxed, popular, experienced, confident, energised, intelligent, witty, talkative, cultured, knowledgeable and charismatic with crowds and socialising. They’re the majority, are cool and hard to relate to for me…since they thrive and are skilled within with what drains me.Few of which I’m honoured to call my kind friends! And they assure me that even huge gatherings of strangers drain them too so phew!! They are probably pumped up by coffee or something because they still seem to last longer and are super talkative with everyone than I am. And they recover so much faster. I need at least a month. :0

I don’t know how they do it.
Not sure how to match their high energy with my low when with people. :0…so I get it when they head off with their more energetic, closer friends!

So what if I’m a homebody!!

I’m learning to let go of the occasional shame that I’m not an extroverted, interesting and outgoing somebody.
I shouldn’t feel wrong that I’m naturally not that way.
I don’t want to constantly force myself into an environment that makes me feel drained, pressured and not feeling like I belong.

Leonie, stuff that!

Anyhoo, I’ll keep cherishing the kind, understanding few friends in my life and make sure I’ll have breaks of peace, quiet and solitude to keep myself energised, happy and free. <3

Taking by stride based on what drains and what energises me. (:

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