Illustration / Hot Chocolate Girl + update!

In this MondayLeonieRamble:

  • Hot chocolateee!!!
  • Personal update time for the past week

Introducing Hot Chocolate Girl!

Something I did for fun because I miss hot chocolate 😀

Sketch & lineart phase!

Personal update time!

Is this shorter than usual? I don’t know but I’d rather not write if there’s nothing more I want to say ;D

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Take care and all the best for this new week!

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11 Comments on “Illustration / Hot Chocolate Girl + update!

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty fun week! Nice~

    Been doing a ton of terraforming and plant breeding myself so those links are greatly appreciated. I had no idea they modeled proper genetics for the flowers and have just been going off of a flower chart….explains why I’m not getting certain flowers.

    Also caught Phantom of the Opera. It’s such a fantastic rendition of a classic musical!

    • Lots of grumpy sleepy times too haha
      I can’t get all the flower colours I want yet either so it’s a lot of trial and error? :S
      It’s remarkable indeed!! 😀

      • I’ve got a bunch of Pink/Chocolate Lilies if you want any of those.Currently working on Windflowers and Tulips since those are the three my island can get.

        I can totally relate about sleep. @_@

        • Gah I need more sleep :’)
          Oh I have three bundles of pink lilies & one black plant of lilies and that’s all I managed.
          I have pansies, mums also from my island and I got windflowers from elsewhere that I’m trying to get more colours with.
          I don’t have hyacinths, roses or tulips but during different seasons, they restock with different seeds? :0

          • Have Hyacinth seeds but no idea where they came from. Any kinds of Hyacinth/Tulips you’re looking for?

              • Lesse. I can bring over Red, Yellow, and White hyacinth seeds. Yellow Tulip Seeds, and a few Red and Orange Tulips. Can also grab a handful of black lilies if you’d like more. Those took forever to grow.

              • Oooh. Do you need anything with pansies & mums? There’s no rush as I don’t have room to breed more flowers at the moment :’)
                Also to trade we have to figure out visits first as you can only trade/mail with people who have traveled to the other’s island :0

                • I do need Purple and Green mums for my little personal garden. So any Reds and Yellows would be amazing.

                  Oh yeah. I still haven’t done any multiplayer things so I forgot about that. haha

                  I’m available at pretty much any time. So whenever you’re in the mood or not too busy would be good.