SuperListenMode 294: “We get you!” with Siv & Georgie

SuperListenMode: “We get you!” with Jess [Ninjeska]Siv [sivbanana] & Georgie [GeeZuzek]

Aww ;___;

Thank you; they were all lovely, understanding, supportive and helpful company! ♥ I was humbled when Siv and Georgie said they read these.

Though at the time I was eating throat soothers because it hurts talking, wasn’t functional, was super quiet, wanted to nap and was trying not to spread my heavy cold with my face mask ;’)

Digressing! It feels super lovely to feel understood.

  • that I tend to be quiet, reserved and calm…until I get super comfortable with you to ramble away about my narrow interests and get intense about deep topics ;D
  • that I rarely compliment people…unless I feel comfortable with you + remember and want to appreciate you
  • that I enjoy solitude too much, focusing on work/art/rest/recreation. Probably too much at the cost of human connection.
  • that I hate using the phone for calls
  • that if I’m wrong, I retreat, reflect, feel terrible and guilty. I strive to learn why and how to do better.
  • that I’m usually deadpan because I’m zoning out or thinking.
  • that I’m generally low energy in general when I’m around people in the same space, increasingly over time. It’s not personal.
  • and countless more quirks and weaknesses haha

For those new to this blog, the blog exists because I don’t feel like anybody’s interested in my thoughts when I talk to them in person…it’s too abstract and intense for small talk. Here I can express myself and move forward without pressuring anybody.

Georgie is a super popular illustrator, especially on instagram :0 Helped me a lot with travel tips back when I was still using facebook a bit!

I only know Siv through facebook and brief acknowledgements in person so let me know where I can link to your work if you’d like in the comments below (:

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