Okami Lunar New Year 2019: Bakugami

Okami Lunar New Year 2019: Sleepy Bakugami

Happy Lunar New Year full of fireworks!! Featuring a sleepy Bakugami, the Celestial God of the Cherry Bomb. Sleepy because I’m pretty pooped, exhausted and ambivalent from the past couple of years.

I hope this is a year of healing, recovery and purpose for me.

I did sketch the Piglets initially but I didn’t bother fitting them into the final illustration. Maybe I should have in hindsight because I don’t think anyone would want this illustration as a sticker without cute piglets in the mix. Ah well! Guess I’m not doing a sticker with it this year haha

As you know, I don’t have friends who celebrate this and my family’s pretty lazy and distant from most of our extended family so mixed feelings :S I haven’t done any of the festivities since I was a kid. Then again, I don’t actually celebrate anything unless I use it as an excuse to do things with people I like ;P And I’m ambivalent with most of my extended family.

Do you actually celebrate? Let me know if you do! Enjoy it!

Apparently this lunar year will be a better year for me compared to the last two years. As long as I am careful with:

  • finances [I’m finally budgeting again and I know exactly how frugal I need to be this year]
  • manage my health and diet better [oof I’ve been comfort eating too much whenever I’m stressed]
  • and be more open to career, romantic & social opportunities that will apparently come my way.

It’s going to be a refreshing, positive year for Dragons like me?!

I’m not really believing these predictions as they’re off the mark half the time. But I’ll take whatever positive placebo effect I can get. :’)

My theme this year is Self Care and Focus.

So health, healing, boundaries, simplifying and relaxing.

And then when ready I’ll be figuring out a meaningful, energising purpose to work and learn towards. Get out of this creative rut and recover from burnout and not great mental health. Maybe I’ll get a group-centric hobby in years to come, when I can afford it. Or evolve my art instead ;D

Digressing. I hope you’re enjoying your February so far! ^o^

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