SuperListenMode 291: Po-pu-lar

SuperListenMode: Shenanigans with Matt Trobbiani [Orann] 

Hey it is true that he has a huge following!

He claimed that lots of people read my personal comics too! Nope! Nah! The nerve!! 😉

When I do check statistics/analytics, it’s only a small handful? I strive to not care too much because I want to take care of my mental well-being ;P It is pretty interesting and cool to see non Australian countries and which sites people are coming from. 

Plus I’m away from social media indefinitely…probably for the whole year if I’m bold enough. It’s just harder for me to reach most people because I don’t know their email ;P 

Digressing. It was nice to be able to be silly…most of my interactions are more guarded and serious as I usually don’t warm up to people too fast. I guess that’s one of the rare times I get to “banter” as usually I’m too slow and literal to be witty. I’m usually the one missing out and just observing haha

Thanks Matt for being super kind, silly & cool to hang out with 😀

Psst. You got this.

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