BurpDoodle: Opening Keynote with Stan Yarramunua, Tony Reed, Issy P. & Leighton Gray [MIGW18/GCAP18]

BurpDoodle: Opening Keynote with Stan Yarramunua[ig & fb artyarramunuagallery]

“Like the emu and kangaroo, we all go forward. We are sitting together at a campfire under the milky way.” – probably misquoted apologies

Great performance! (:

Finally my MIGW18/GCAP18 art is done & will be posted these 2 weeks; I’m pooped and I feel done ;___;

BurpDoodle: Opening Keynote with Tony [TreveReed] 

“Work with people, not in isolation”, “meet new people
I think I did both things! Well I met a small handful of people. Working with people is hard and something I need to consciously do because I live within my own mind so much. Solitude is comfy :’)

Out of the loop & I missed the #ThanksTony train but thank you for the heart warming hugs & for kindly believing in me [even when I don’t & am just pushing through] <3

I mean at this point, it’s hugs with Tony for emotional support and appreciation. We don’t talk much nowadays which is fine haha

BurpDoodle: Opening Keynote with Issy [snow_gumnut

“Remember those early days of ignoring the fire codes!”

Ah early days! I don’t think I was around if it’s further back than 6 years ago.

BurpDoodle: Leighton Gray Opening Keynote [tw graylish] [ig buttchamps] [metamodernism] 

  • “Everyone’s a critic”
  • bouncing between sincerity and cynicism in entertainment
  • Dream Daddy = silly beautiful dads but it hides a real good story about fatherhood
  • Art History <3

She’s super intelligent, down to earth and witty! Confident that she’s going to explore and create more cool, interesting things (:

I quickly showed her my original/initial pink pen sketches I did at the time and she said they were cute! She was super friendly and was kindly complimentary even when I felt imposing and was fumbling about with conversation. Could tell she was tired from talking to peeps after her interview. We kept it short haha :’)

Watch her keynote here:

PS shenanigans:

I didn’t attend many talks, hung around to talk to people [since I wasn’t doing crowded late night parties] and I missed some talks I wanted to go to [they got too full]. I gave up trying to attend too much…still ended up with a lot of pages.

But I don’t have a variety of Speakers. Grateful for recordings. Just doing my thing. So…please understand!! :’)

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