BurpDoodle: Go on, I’m listening

BurpDoodle: Go on, I’m listening

This was based on an old train sketch I did of a lady last year.
Really loving this airbrush <3
Trying to get myself into the habit of making BurpDoodles, allow myself to play with things and hopefully get better at art as usual!!The struggle continues!
I’m not as gloomy anymore at least. It goes up and down.
Feeling below average. And that’s okay.
Life is full of discomfort and embarrassment.

Here I was playing around with an old piece of art software that’s not that great…I couldn’t draw without jaggy lines :<

Facebook page and yet another social media ramble

Feeling guilty for being a super ghost on Facebook that my art page is automatically updating for a month now and there’s little interaction there as expected. I just don’t want to be active when I know it’s going to be difficult reaching anybody and algorithms are working against me.
I miss facebook interaction now :’)
But people ninja on my posts regardless…it becomes a shock and apparent when a few people out of the blue to tell me that they do see bits and pieces. I thought you faded away! :’)
Much gratitude to peeps and friends who actually do need the facebook page to keep updated with my art all the same. That’s why I keep it going else I would have stopped posting art on facebook altogether.I noticed that a few actually started following via Instagram too.
Not that I can link to blog posts from there…peeps there can’t read this :<
But yes I am more active there and Twitter via my phone sometimes.

Facebook…a few times a month? Heads up I’m taking more frequent long breaks from Facebook. As in I’m blocked, can’t see it, refuse to use messenger and it’s not on my phone.

I’ve blocked myself on desktop computers because I need some focused time. Don’t want to depend on social media too much. I don’t want to keep distracting myself looking at things I don’t have and fall into the endless state of not feeling enough ;P

I’m not seeing the value of Facebook especially since changing to a Facebook Art Page…it’s more about events and sadly I rarely do those :’)

Instagram and Twitter I check when I’m out and about sometimes. I’ve muted notifications altogether to minimise checking it too much. I’m not trying to be rude!! I just want to make sure I make space for myself away from the noise and keep the temptations away. No need to share every single thing about my mundane life. I might sometimes when I feel like it.
Still figuring this balance out.

Ultimately I want to focus on the important things in my life.

So again, communication through blog comments or email is the most reliable way to reach me. Unless you don’t mind waiting indefinitely longer 😉

Digressing. Again, thank you! ;___;

Please reach out in the comments under this post below if you feel inclined <3