SuperListenMode: How do you calm your heart?

SuperListenMode: How do you calm your heart?

Aye good ol’ escapism.

Sometimes you need to stop dwelling and just do things instead.
Sometimes you can’t stay calm so you convert that energy into action.
Keep busy instead.

Or you do the opposite.
Find ways to relax completely and break away from things that give you stress.

Hiatuses & vacations, right? What normal people do?
I need to do this more one day :’)

Come back when you’re feeling ready enough to take a step forward again.
It’ll be okay.

Things I’ve personally done…

  • Making art.
  • Watch videos or streams.
  • Playing games.
  • Brain dumping thoughts.
  • Reading books about things I’m learning about.
  • Sleep.
  • Comfort food hehe
  • Catching up with deep conversations
  • closing my eyes and breathe with mindfulness

Not everything but…you get the idea 😉

PS: that quote in the first panel was my mother’s words :’)