BurpDoodles and Studies for NieR:Automata

BurpDoodles for NieR:Automata: 2B

“Roger that…N…”
She’s so fun to draw and my favourite character while sweet boy 9S is a close second. Emil is the best! All of the characters are great.
This. Fanart. Cannot Continue.
But I hope to go back and draw her again <3

Simple #BurpDoodle for #NieR:Automata 2B & 9S – the first fanart figuring it out

Was stumped. Then I hated how it looked too much like the weapon lore art so I’ll just put this here instead.

NieR:Automata BurpDoodle Studies

I had more studies and doodles than this but I dumped them ;P

#NieR:Automata #BurpDoodle of 2B, A2 and 9S
Trying things with art style ;0 Embarrassed so I’ll just post it here.

BurpDoodle for NieR:Automata: 2B studies

I did these because I wanted to 😉

BurpDoodle for NieR:Automata: 2B Studies

I don’t know what I’m doing :’)
I figured I should put doing actual illustrations to the side…I’m just learning and having fun here and striving to get better at this art thing.

BurpDoodle for NieR:Automata: 2B

Playing with art style. I guess I’m a 2B artist now. What happen.
I didn’t like this in the end .___.


PS If you plan to play NieR:Automata:

I recommend MrClemps’ NieR and Drakengard summary/analysis videos BEFORE playing NieR:Automata! For the full story experience. It made it more worth it for me. Oh of course don’t watch his spoilery NieR: Automata videos in case you’re watching from this above linked playlist. The youtube playlist includes it so watch out!

Ideally do watch a let’s play of NieR for the better experience beforehand but not a must. ^_^ It’s long but I highly recommend you do. I personally watched the Best Friend’s playthrough here.The story is so worth it.

PPS Post game lore SPOILERS guide:

IF you have finished Ending E for NieR:Automata…and you want that full experience of the lore:
See this NieR:Automata wiki for post game lore and go DEEP. Read it all ;D
There is A LOT to read. It took me a few weeks to a month to digest but it was worth it for me. <3

There’s also SuperBunnyHop and other content creators who’ve done NieR analysis videos – even Extra Credits had an episode on game mechanics and Wisecrack on its philosophy! But don’t watch them yet!

Spoilers ;D