SuperListenMode: It’s OK to not feel OK

SuperListenMode: It’s OK to not feel OK

It’s all part of learning to be a better human being. Growing pains.
Be kind to yourself and your feelings. <3
Yes I’m reminding myself too; Queen of mushy talk 😉

Love and Kindness in everything you do.

Yes I’m in this sad rut at the moment of publishing this :’)
Still figuring out what to focus on and things haven’t been working out as I try different things in art and life.

Thanks for bearing with my gloomy butt these several months…I’m taking the time I need. I can’t be silent or pretend I’m fine all the time as I feel that it’s important to embrace your whole emotional range of feelings.
I find hope and positivity in that in itself.
The importance of being kind and understanding to yourself too. (:

I’m frustrated but getting better at letting go of overwhelming things and things/people who are out of my control. Sometimes things are best dealt with as it happens. Simplifying my life and figuring out what I want in the short and long term. I keep questioning myself. Paralysis!

Gotta take action, face the fears and keep going.
Just enjoy and make the best of what I have and am grateful for.