“FORGOTTEN”; the Old Art Challenge (2002 to 2010) & Position:Vacant now Online

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Let’s go ! Journal Time. (I had to put this phrase back again)



Memories & Old Art from the Past: Sporadic Art Making 2002 to 2011

Exposure to old art can be fatal! I warned you!Some of you would have seen it already on social media but here I’m giving my personal commentary and more than the specified 15 pieces. I’m breaking the rules of the 3×5 challenge. Stuff that. I know the rules so I can meddle with them. 😉

So. This will be fun. A gentleman I know dobbed nominated me to post up 15 really, really old embarrassing art from the past a while back. I broke the rules by just showing only 3 over there and I didn’t pass it on to anyone. Haha! Feel free to do it if you want to though! I’m just doing things how I want to do it.

Apparently everyone who is an artist did this already. By that strand of logic, I’m not an artist! Oh no! I’m too late! Pfffft. Haha

It’s just another way to show your art progress over the years so it’s not a new concept. I’m happy to do this as it’s a great reminder that we all start somewhere. And I’m pushing my self cringing factor. (:

When digging for all this, I came across a lot of observational and creative writing, notetaking, video game/tv series doodle notes and journals I did back then. I was such an avid note taker! Wait; I still am but in a more digital/typing sense instead.Unfortunately, I didn’t get into the 90’s artwork I did as they’re hidden deep somewhere into the wilderness in some storage.

Digressing! Here goes…

When I was 3 years old 
I put this special photo in because I don’t have time to seriously dig into storage for scarce artwork from the 90’s.
Little Burpface! One of my favourite photos. The earliest art thing I did that was recorded. I was drawing something.
I drew everywhere on chairs, furniture and in published books and so I assume I was provided with this paper to draw on instead. Troublemaker sometimes but I was a very quiet kid back then too. I destroy things with my texta/marker drawings. Stabbing at the paper is the only way to draw! Fact. *nods slowly*

I did loads of drawing. Terrible Fanart for all the Saturday cartoons I knew.
Couldn’t find it at hand (it’s somewhere in storage though; maybe someday!)But this counts for something…

A Christmas Carols book cover in 1999 I had to do with gel pens. Those fancy drop shadow like touches. Look at that symbolic Christmas tree.

There’s also loads of bad art I did around this time, including a huge A1 acrylic painting of a dingo mother and her pup with yellows and violet!

I was so proud of it!

Sad it’s lost/misplaced now >:

I am partial to the yellow/violet complementary combo thanks to this though D:

Where I drew toony things but I can’t find them now

Could only easily access this particular piece. I was pretty proud at the time. I drew this based on a newspaper article about owls. Now I see it and…eh I say not bad for the time I guess. Ha! 😉

Work I did before I started posting online

Just showing I could use watercolours and fineliner at the time
Observational drawing
I was playing a game with flight attendants and this monster happened
The heavily anime/manga influenced stage goes on for a while. Starting to figure out scanning things into the computer as I discover deviantart (left it during 2011 as I switched over to here). Here I started going by my alias. Because teachers can’t be accessible online outside of work for the sake of security.

I did not design the “jellyfish” character; it was a competition where I don’t think I got anything out of it. I was the only entrant. Mushy comic! (Just embarrassed here haha)
My eyes. They burn. That bad watermark also. The interesting thing was that I got an ego boost and got confused because a stranger online liked it so much that they printed it out. I was shocked. People can print out my work? What is this sorcery?!
Still not sure how this can be a game. They die so easily. It’s sad.
Drawing from reference
Fanart times, drawing for fun and when I have the time

Guess what I’ve been playing? And look at that horrible watermark. I was paranoid back then. We didn’t know anything in those days with art thievery.
I did it for all the K Q J Joker cards; this is just one set
I wonder if Triforce Toast is a thing at all without my knowledge.
Look at the silly new watermark. If it is a thing, let me know! 😀
I made an obvious observation; I admit, I just wanted to draw a banana head
Fanart times with the Mario babies and I was playing with Art Rage I think
Been playing Four Swords then
Not the earliest giftart I did but it’s something
Stick figure comics 1
Stick Figure comics 2
Stick figure comics 3; wasn’t noted by people because they looked a tad creepy and I have weird comic ideas. Also paranoid watermarking & too much to read.
My favourite sidekick of Zelda’s Oracle of Seasons/Ages
Look at that watermark going on overboard
Deformed Perspective with Phantom Hourglass
Oh I wonder who that is
Paper Mario 2 traditional fanart
Paper Mario 2 fanart with my GIMP days
Gift for my bro; used up my coloured pencils to the fullest
More fancomics and I took ending suggestions back then
Explosive Rejections
In-game joke with the Wario ware bomb
It continues

It was for a competition and each little person represents a computer component. I got the impression that my art style wasn’t anime influenced enough for an anime style competition. I did learn loads about computer parts.
Aye I was unhappy back then but I still managed to have hope when drawing. Was struggling as you do with art.
Mask Salesman and Smash Bros. Brawl cross-over
Microsoft Paint can do this scary thing
A Lenzo comic (Zelda; The Wind Waker) for Valentine’s day haha
Didn’t draw that much anymore because of my other career but I still used GIMP
I played another Mario and Luigi RPG it seems
I replayed Link’s Awakening here I think; the animu influence
Started to draw again after less than 2 years

Main characters from Okamiden with watercolour and fineliner
Okamiden doesn’t feel like a true sequel to Okami but it’s still something!
I like Princess Zelda a lot; what can I say (:

Overall thoughts on the art above

From 2011+ onwards, this main blog pretty much covers it so I won’t continue.

Overall, the time period above was still during the time when I believed that art making wasn’t a viable career.

In other words, I haven’t taken it seriously as a career during this time. The doom and gloom bubble if I were to be angst-y and blunt about it. While having family hard times, I was explicitly pressured that my dream will not work out, was a complete waste of time and that I cannot do a degree in the Visual Arts field.

So drawing when I felt like it, TV, books, movies and video games were my forms of escapism; to pretend I was okay with this.

I wasn’t really practicing at all as I was working hard at my previous career path at the time. Art was a hobby. You could say after all the deep conditioning I’ve had, I am finally finding the strength, belief and resolve to take art making seriously when I started making this blog actually regular at a weekly/biweekly basis in 2013. Some of you might relate to this; it’s not a rare story. This is especially when you have immigrant parents and you are brought up to be grateful for what you have and to live out your life as they want you to because of the struggles and hardships they endured to be able to be here. They are right in their concern; creative careers are fierce, tough and most don’t make it. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to forge my own way just to see where it takes me.

Nowadays as with anyone, I still have self doubts, bad times, things to do that must be done and naysayers but I am growing to believe in myself. Ah self rambling reflections. (:

Hey! Looking at the above art again is terribly embarrassing!
And you survived! :O

Redoing some of the artwork above

2002 Owl and 2005 Flight Attendant
2006 girl and 2007 girl
2006 dude now grumpy
2007 Blonde girl

Yeah just quick texta and pen doodles really. I’m not taking it seriously; just wanted to redraw them out of fun!

Blasting into the past (2002 to 2011) is done! Phew!


Year 2, Weeks 5 & 6 (11th to 24th Feb)

Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

Final sketch of the Artwork FORGOTTEN
I originally wanted everything in full blown colour but decided otherwise.
I did this in mid January so it’s been a while!
Festive and jolly; not finished & not a sketch. Not sure where I was going with it.
Sketch thing with a silly pose
Dance it all away
Drew some stylish people but pretty rusty on not being caught
The coffee cup real size comparison (reference to the HermitBurpcast)
Haha well, Beware if you’re a Pokemon cosplayer at a Comic Con!
He will be Ash and will throw his stash of pokeball tiny waterballoons at your clothes and laugh his butt off. This is his goal and he knows he is a jerk. He will scorn you if you do not know who Dragonite is. He was also wearing Rocky Horror styled clothes & makeup at the time; am most confused.
The weird things I overhear from strangers…!

Other Hermit Burp Adventuuuures: this section becomes the Hermit Burpcast Extras

Hello! This is my random extras section once again. Decided to not put photos in the Hermit Burpcast posts and put them here in a more timely fashion instead.
:'( This poor bike was neglected for a whole month by now.
How. Did. This. Happen.
  • Games (watching bits or all of it):
    • Phoenix Wright: Justice for all (2), Silent Hill 2, Super Mario RPG, Parasite Eve, Xenoblade Chronicles, Grim Fandango Remastered, Max Gentlemen, Darkest Dungeon, Ace Combat 5, Cities: Skylines, Life is Strange Ep 1, Stranded Deep, Under Night In-Birth, Guns of Icarus, NBA 2k15, Smash 4, Lucius II, Fatal Frame 2, Monstrum, Town of Salem, Insanity’s Blade, WWF WrestleMania 2000, Apotheon, Armello, Besiege, The Order: 1886 Ending, Game of Thrones Episode 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Persona 4 Racing All Afternoon, Super Meat Boy, Far Cry 4, LSD Dream Simulator, Dread out, Orcish Inn, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Contagion, Left 4 Dead VS, Fibbage
    • Strength of the Sword Ultimate Kickstarter looks Awesome! My bro’s getting it; the kickstarter comic is brilliant haha
    • Persona 5 trailer: so wonderful looking, pause menu looks incredibly stylish and I don’t even play it
    • Pokken Tournament Trailer – what I thought Pokemon could be ages ago with that Colosseum game
    • Good Game S11 Ep 1 & Spawn Point & Pocket: nothing much changed since last time I’ve watched it (5-6 years ago?). Leaning towards watching their short reviews online.

Reflection: Hermit Burpcast VS This Blog

Been thinking it over. There will be overlap between the two. Overall, I hope to keep the regular biweekly blogging going and more focused on:

  • the projects & work I do
  • Detailed Wordy Rambling on Art topics
  • Reflections & afterthoughts on the previous Derpcast
  • Extra Hermit Derp adventuuures
  • Random photos
  • In short, it’s still my main hub

While the Hermit Derpcast will be:

  • Q&A with peeps
  • Brief Hermit Derp adventuuure happenings
  • more in depth thoughts on games & movies/entertainment
  • Verbal rambling on Art topics
  • Timelapses *maybe
  • Storytime & what lessons to take from it
  • Words for the Month
  • Later down the track, feature in some friends in! Spontaneous guest episodes! Artists, Game developers, Animators, Storytellers, Creative Problem Solvers…people in the creative field to talk about their work, philosophies and ramble away

In terms of featuring friends that’s something that’s possibly coming this latter part of the year so it’ll be a long while. So this is an ambitious side project. I won’t define who I’d like to join me in detail. But it’s a given that I need to be on comfortable chatting terms with you else it won’t work out for either of us or for listeners. In short, I need to be good friends with you and I don’t have many of those as we know! Working on that area.

I’m getting too ahead of myself though. I’ve got a small handful of people via this blog, social media, youtube subscribers and rss subscribers showing me support and interest; it’s been pretty encouraging so far! So amazing! I’m still nervous before releasing an episode but it’s getting better. I shall not worry about numbers as they rise and drop like ocean waves.

I am hoping for a super cool podcasting professional microphone that connects to a normal PC one day to save on editing time (might as well throw in a large tablet, colour corrected monitor, DSLR camera & tripod while I’m at it)! But these are just expensive wants, not needs! (:

Digressing: My main and underlying aim is to talk more about art & stuff and get better at that first. Boosting others would be a bonus.

It’s very surreal because I am usually the invisible quiet one. Now I am starting a little humble talk show for a few friends to listen in, just like what I did decades ago (but to myself on a cassette tape).

What is going on!? Haha

Reminder that there’s a week left for you to get responses in for the upcoming episode.

Position: Vacant now for online public viewing
After running through 7 short film festivals, we can *officially* show this as a public video now that the festival circuit is done. Finally released it last week (ignoring all the sneaky uploads that had to be later taken down haha)!

Thanks so much to the Position: Vacant Team: Will HigginsVictor MahnicDavid Tonkin & Tony Nguyen! Kudos also to the extra help of Tim LeFevre in sound design and editing (hopefully their links are not too outdated!)

Based on my old art ramblings above, you can tell how this arty, weird film came to be. I admit it! Embarrassing.

If you’re new to this little film, see more information about it here at the main site and related blog posts during that time.

The past 2 weeks: I posted a lot this month

At least to me! It was 5 blog posts this February; that’s abnormal! By default, it’s going to be at least 3 posts per month (2 biweekly DerpArtBlog posts & 1 Hermit Derpcast). It just happened to be 5 somehow thanks to Vday & Lunar New Year (while I’m considering that I’ll do all the Brush Gods for years to come).

See you in 2 weeks!
Stay cool and keep adventuuuring you!  (: