HermitBurpcast #02 – Me and My Hermit Life

Welcome! The Awkward Rambling Artist is back!

I am Leonie Yue and this is the monthly HermitBurpcast


(1 hour and 14 minutes)

Show notes for Hermit Burpcast #2:

Blog Post for shownotes, hyperlinks and comments: (http://blog.leonieyue.com/2015/02/hermitDerpcast002.html)

What is going on. That doesn’t look freestyle to me.
  • Leonie Talks about Games
    • Silent Hill 2
    • Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
    • Armello
    • Super Mario RPG
    • Life is Strange Episode 1
    • Darkest Dungeon
    • Gravity Ghost
    • Apotheon
    • Xenoblade Chronicles
    • Majora’s Mask 3DS
    • Rayman in Smash 4…?
    • LISA
    • MOTHER 3
    • Phoenix Wright: Justice for All
  • Main topic: Hermit Life
An alien beverage from a delicate cup
Some kind of icy liquid
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***I won’t be replying in words here as I plan to give general and specific verbal responses instead for the next episode. I will read them all but I will respond via verbal means! (:

And that was Episode 2

This took a long while as I start from scratch to build a better template and workflow for making these. Podcasting is not for everyone; a lot of work is involved (and I expected it).

And *how* on earth did it become an hour and 14 minutes?! I amaze myself!
I am embarrassed at this point! I didn’t even get to listen to it as a whole! I don’t know how well it goes together (I might need to do less voice over for the music a bit)…and I had to add another segment in last minute and changed the response cutoff time to 2 weeks instead.

Newbie mistakes oh yes! I need to do the Burpcast in one go next time! Maybe.

So let me know if it goes well as a whole, other nitpicks you have and I’ll address it next month.

As I said above, again: I won’t be responding in text. Instead I’ll verbally respond to you in the next episode as a whole. Then I’ll pick out good, notable ones, thank & credit you or your alias (and website if you provide it) as part of next month’s show and/or shownotes (see what I did this episode. I’ll try to not butcher your full names too much!). Saying thank you this way! 😀

On consideration for responses:
– By default I will assume that you don’t mind the possibility of being talked about in the Burpcast unless you otherwise specify 

– I’m happy to consider facebook responses too but no guarantees: blog comments & emails come first if it gets too much

– provide your website if you want that to be included such as: blahblahthisisYourfeedbackquestionsetcblah (yourWebsite) 

– Won’t be hopeful but if I ever do get a lot of responses; I will be more likely to generalise my responses than target at specific ones 

– Website linking by default is reserved for people I know *really well or who are regulars; it’s just at the moment it’s too early to know who the regulars are…so this is your chance!

Phew! Thanks for listening! #MissionTalkMore

Leonie from the Hermit Burpcast