“MANSION of the SKIES” & Caring about things that matter

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Ah less packed post now; back to ‘normal’, whatever normal is.Hey, an alternative to metaphorically living in the mountains for 4 years; a mansion in the air!

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

MANSION of the SKIES; What a life this would be.

Prints at Society6 or RedBubble.


Year 2, Weeks 7 & 8 (25th Feb to 10th Mar)

Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

January Sketch for MANSION OF THE SKIES
I wasn’t feeling physically great at the time but it was a fun challenge to do this (seeing that I don’t do environments that much!) This illustration was done for an art test but I’m allowed to show this. (:
DAYTIME! It was supposed to be daylight at first but I changed it around. Do you have a preference? Rainbows!
People are either really alert or really sleepy like I am
I drew this by stabbing my finger on my tablet. Writing is hard.

Other Hermit Derp Adventuuures: yeah 

  • Games (watching bits or all of it):
    • Phoenix Wright: Justice for all (2), Lucius 2 (so silly/bad), Super Mario RPG, Parasite Eve, Xenoblade Chronicles, Grim Fandango Remastered, Fatal Frame 2, Drift, Game of Thrones: Ep2, The Order 1886, Alpha Muse, Book of Unwritten Tales 2, Heroes of the Storm, Deadly Premonition PC Port start (that “Life is Beautiful” song), Offworld Trading Company, Drake of the 99 Dragons, One Finger Death Punch, Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 & 2 (Elders React; not scary at all), Bio FREAKS, Dark Deception, Succulent, Mount Your Friends, Pirates, Vikings and Knights II, Teslagrad, Aaru’s Awakening, Social Justice Warriors, MadWorld, 100% Orange Juice, Life is Strange Episode 1, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, How do you do it?, There came an Echo, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Far Cry 4, Cities Skylines, LA Cops, MOTHER 3, The Yawhg, Superman 64, Dragon Ball XenoVerse, A Druid’s Duel, Hand of Fate, Damned, Superman 64
    • Persona 5 trailer: so wonderful looking & pause menu and I don’t even play it
    • MOTHER 4 FAN GAME: This looks so LEGIT. Brilliant job! Wow!
  • Healthwise: Feeling worse a little. Note to self: don’t lean in with your weight on your left hand!! I need to do hover hands for both hands!! Bad habits.
  • Games (played) –
    • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: Ah! So GOOD!
    • Fit in
    • Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds
    • Armello: New update!! There was this hilarious moment when AI Amber kept dancing back and forth her home base to the first closest tile and then back to her home base tile. She did this back and forth until all her Action Points were done. And she did this for 2 to 3 rounds! I was mesmerised by her dance of confusion.
Rot can be taken away?! WHOA!! -99 Rot is a thing! I didn’t even have Rot to begin with! I guess I have -99 Rot now.
I thought that the Spirit Stones heal the King, not outright rid him of Rot and kill him as well D: Playing as Thane felt good but I couldn’t do much with cards, magic or money. Is Thane OP? I am not sure as I don’t play this game often.
  • Food from the Gods! – new random section because eating out is a rare special thing for me. Most people enjoy food right?
This meal was sponsored by my bro and it was cheap too; thanks bro! The people serving me were great too and I think they noted how indecisive I was with so many choices (I haven’t tried any of them before) so they helped me out with recommendations. Last time I ate something like this was…3 years ago? And…it’s just an egg and bacon sandwich! Yes I am easily content even with basic food. 😀

Reflection: Caring about things that matter

It’s really difficult to find where you are on the spectrum between the two extremes; sensitive, reactive to every emotional feeling versus being apathetic, indifferent to all around you. We mostly lie somewhere in between. Sometimes closer to one end or the other.What you choose to care about is up to the individual and your values of course.

Personally there are times when I don’t feel that strong connection and emotional powerful feeling like others do. I would see the big picture objectively and remain pretty much indifferent.

And then there are times when I feel emotionally strong and serious about something but that are desensitised, ignored and/or dismissed by others. I care about things but others don’t feel the same. At this point I would be questioning whether my feelings were valid and wonder what Emotional Intelligence really means as it gets tested.

Usually in that case I would not ignore said feelings but keep it to myself, put it into perspective, learn something from it and transform it into fuel to keep going after some time. I do not want to be desensitised, apathetic and indifferent to *everything* in life after all. What is left for me to care about in this world if this happens?

Yet sometimes I don’t want to care, don’t want to belong, to be alone and thus I am neutral to many things because the fear of being hurt is real, expectations become as modest as possible, remind myself that life isn’t fair by default after all, become jaded and skeptical, how timing and circumstance plays a huge part in opportunities, the world doesn’t revolve around you, no one is capable in understanding every human being on earth and ultimately in the end, we are insignificant life forms relative to the huge, wide universe. And because I don’t have boundless emotional/social energy to spend.

Other times I do want to be excited, scared, sad, afraid, hopeful, have high standards, be happy, live with meaning, to love/be loved, angry, stay positive where possible, keep shooting for the stars, to belong, being honest to yourself and to those you care about, slowing down and experience the moment, to feel important and valued to someone/peers/those we highly respect, try scary things, pushing comfort zones, have some loud and then loads of quiet times (to recover from the loud haha), making mistakes, reach out to understand and feel truly connected to others…all the good and bad emotions that comes with being human.

The “we cannot truly experience the good without the bad” saying essentially. We are all different individuals with different attitudes towards life and yet this aspect of the human condition (Caring about things and dealing with emotions! Oh my! *laughs*) is universal.

Consequently I strive to understand, stay open and empathise and to care/reach out…only when I really do care of course. At the very least be polite about it. It’s not easy because most of the time, the feeling isn’t mutual or things don’t end for the better but that doesn’t stop us from trying and then moving on! (:

Both desires of wanting to care and not care are normal. These desires are wishful thinking in themselves (grass greener on the other side) but when it gets tough, one has to push through, be practical and decide; however unpleasant and painful it could be. A potentially difficult mental battle where your values and beliefs are tested. There will be times where it’s a matter of choosing between the lesser of many evils; then so be it!

Time is finite and most valuable; how one uses their time reveals what they care about the most at a given period of their life (online and offline). In terms of “What should people care about?” is an unhelpful question to ask due to its subjective nature and any resulting answer to that is an opinion you may share or not share. Again, it is a matter of what’s important to you.

Probably…the fight to remain true and honest to yourself in every thing you do in the face of the journey of life is what it means to be human.

Incredible and empowering if you think about it.

Are you doing things that really matters to you today? 

I have asked this before but it has to be asked time and time again: what is important to you? Before you rush out the door and settling for the first thing that comes to mind, get some quiet time to yourself and deeply think about it. (:

Gosh I’m philosophical and rambling things once again. (And probably Captain Obvious and Common Sense. Yo I’m ruminating! Haha)

HermitBurpcast on iTunes!

Nah it’s not really Explicit with Adult language but just in case I talk about PG13+ mature themes (in terms of games especially) and if guests want to swear and speak their mind? Just being overly cautious. It’s known as the Derpcast here as I can’t change it once set.

If you didn’t know already from social media, here is the iTunes link:https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/hermit-derpcast/id959609352

Social Media Dabble Dabble Dabble

I’m trying Pinterest public boards again! Mainly moodboards I’ve used really, I got a medieval fantasy one and a horror one right now. Dabbling in instagram, deviantart, twitter and tumblr sometimes too but I’m usually linking things back here. I’m not really using them all that frequently but still overwhelming! Too early to say; trial phase after all!

Distant future Hermit Derpcast episode(s) on Social Media + Introverts is on the drawing board as well! I talk loads about Social Media already (if you feel like digging into my posts of the past) but I wanted to expand it once again because it’s something I often tackle with. Let me know if you have questions concerning this topic!

But you’re good, this blog still remains my main hub/online home while I dabble and lurk in other things.
Online Home sounds so cozy, I like it! <3

You don’t need to follow all that other social media stuff as it’s just a matter of reaching different people with the mostly same content across different platforms. But of course, it will be appreciated if you do especially if one place is easier for you to keep tabs at a given time. It’s up to you! Honestly, I am not keen on shoving my stuff into people’s faces. If you’re following this blog ahem I mean My Online Home already somehow, then I assure you that you’re good.

Thank you for your support all the same. (:

Final words: I’m infected

It’s interesting to know what people care about by noting their actions. Actions speak louder than words as the cliche saying goes. And it seems like mine is a lot of arting, learning, projects and blogging. And flailing about in my attempts to figure out the rest. Haha

Anyhoo! To you I say keep walking forward whether it’s by yourself (most of the time as you spend the most time with yourself) or alongside your most trusted partner/friends. Life is what you make of it!

And I got infected with a cold. Blegh.
I feel like death. I’m a grumpy zombie with a horrible headache, struggling to get up. Been sleeping loads aka I don’t know how many naps I took. Nose flees away from me often. I struggle to breathe normal and taking 18 tablets a day. Created loads of snot bags. My voice is starting to croak and I cough a lot now. Well all this hoomin venting aside, I hope you get the idea! Haha

Hermit Derpcast Episode 3 is coming next week. With my sick voice I guess.

In the meantime, keep adventuuuring you!  (: