The Art behind #HungryBirdsParty (Improving the #GGJ15 #MelbGGJ game)

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:
Hello! In terrible awe from the generous, encouraging support to my previous blog post on the Gunblocks game & on Melbourne #GGJ15. Thank you again! 😀
I’ve changed up the ordering of my blog content this time around.
Lastly, I find our game’s Hungry Birds name hilarious and silly but that’s just me. We might change it to Hungry Birds Party or similar as there’s another game with the same name out there but we’ll let you know.

Improving the Hungry Birds Party Game (v1)!

Play Hungry Birds v1! You’re hungry aren’t you?
Still in development so feel free to keep tabs & give us feedback on the facebook page or email!

Silly Handmade poster; the bird pops out! Bad phone photo again.
Look how good technology is these days!! :O

This #GGJ15 prototype game (see last time’s post) became a team project that we wanted to keep working on. I worked with James, Jayden plus the new addition of music thanks to Attrayoo.

This is a “Multiplayer co-op/survival party game. Work with or against your siblings as you eat & survive on an unstable plate! Don’t let Mother Bird down!

Play Hungry Birds version 1 (Co-op Mode Only)!

Suggestions & feedback will be taken up via the facebook page or email at!

Three to four X-box/gamepad controllers are ideal but a normal keyboard for a 2 player setup works too (just make sure you check the keyboard inputs)!

In terms of further versions, nothing confirmed yet as it’s still in development whenever there’s time to.

Keep updated on to support us to keep working at it. (:

What Playtesters thought so far

Getting it tested with up to 4 people

According to people playing it:

  • Super fun game
  • Awesome art
  • People wanted to knock everyone else off and claim their territory
  • Great, super cute little game
  • People wanted to be the fattest bird of them all
  • Felt too long as the Co-op Mode was easy; especially with 4 players who all worked together to survive
  • People wanted to compete from the start until they realised it was co-op much later
  • And other technical nitpicks and difficulty tweaks needed

So encouraging and thank you to those who had a go at our game!

The highest Co-op score was at an incredible 623!

We’ve only got Co-op mode at the moment but we plan to keep tweaking, working at it and add that much needed Versus Mode!

The Hungry Birds Art Making

I redid almost all of the art assets of the prototype. Some of the following might not even be used or will be subject to change as things still need tweaking and changing while Co-op and Forever Huge Modes are now being figured out.

But this gives you the gist of where we’re heading.

So here goes!

First up WALLPAPERS/Backgrounds!
Open it up as a new tab to get them:

Animated Spritesheets

The Mother Bird

Animated Awkward Yellow baby bird sheet

The Game Menus & Mode Layout
The title screen nitpicked to this version (v1)

New Story Intro Screen
New Credits Screen
Main Menu Screen: Animated
VERSUS Mode Select Screen (Selected)
VERSUS Mode Select Screen (No players selected)

VERSUS Mode shenanigans
VERSUS Mode; Watermelon of Death

CO-OP Mode Select Screen
Crazy CO-OP Mode
CO-OP Mode Game over screen
FOREVER HUGE Mode Select Screen

A version of the Winner and rankings screen

Miscellaneous Art

New Hungry Birds icon

The extra poster I did

Hungry Birds: Where to from here?

At the moment, it’s being worked on when possible.

If this ever does reach completion, we are keen to see how interested people are in downloading and playing the game as it gets further developed. And more testing and feedback along the way!

Again, if you’re interested in testing and playing it when more versions are ready, we have a facebook page at the moment:

It has been a long while since I did any form of art assets for a game. I had loads of fun and was keen to see this through to the end.
Just like Footsteps, I just worked on this game because I wanted to see people having fun and engaged with it. (:


Year 2, Weeks 3 & 4 (28th Jan to 10th Feb)

Hey there! Here is where the usual content begins! Pleased to have you here!

Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

Remember Selene I designed a month ago?
Boop de boop! Well here she is, animated with a bounce in her walk!
I’m an animation newbie though. I realise now that her foot is doing something off…or is it just a bouncy silly walk? Yeah that’s what it is. 😛
I did this as a learning exercise just so I do a little walk cycle. I understand that this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of mastering the art of Animation; I am always in awe and deep appreciation at those with the incredible patience, experience, acting and observational skill in order to make things become alive, believable and moving. Meanwhile, I’m just learning animation a bit!
The usual reference figure studies! Hello!
Faster Pages now
Using old texta again because I need to do something physical.
Another 15+ year old texta returns.

Other Hermit Derp Adventuuuures: games and the usual 

  • Games (watching bits or all of it):
    • Phoenix Wright: Justice for all (2), Silent Hill 2, Super Mario RPG, Parasite Eve, Xenoblade Chronicles, Slender: The Arrival, Evil Zone, Depth, Mario 64, Resident Evil HD, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Smash Bros Wii U, Saints Row: Gat to Hell, Exoptable Money, The Escapists, Uncanny Valley, One Late Night: Deadline, Super Mario RPG, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Armello, Far Cry 4, March, One Chance, Joe Danger the Movie, Stranded Deep, Pokemon Snap, Syberia, Toxikk, Dying Light, Left 4 Dead Versus, Life Is Strange, Evolve, First Person Lover, The Last of Us intro again (so good), Heroes of the Storm, Beeswing, Gravity Ghost, Moonman (kickstarter’s succeeded!), Fallout, RE: Alistair, Grim Fandango Remastered, Battlefield Hardline Beta, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Don’t Starve Together, Darkest Dungeon, Roommates, Drawful/Fibbage, Don’t Starve Together, Towerfall Ascension, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, The Next Penelope, Monstrum, Mario.exe, STRAFE Pre Alpha
    • Apotheon: wonderful art and story vibes
    • Majora’s mask acapella: just because
    • Close Your Trailer: interesting story based experience (just a snippet of the whole game)
  • Healthwise: Sleeping patterns crazy. Standing as I work much much more. Sitting too long makes me worse sometimes oddly enough.
  • Games (played) – I tweet about it sometimes
    • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: A wonderful delight!
    • Hyrule Warriors DLC: Tried Young Link and Tingle; WHOA! 😀
    • Armello: Yes! Played with my bro for my 2nd time and he wins his first time playing. What…! He insists that the Prestige method of winning is the worst and most unskilled way of winning because you’re simply waiting it out as you try to stay Rot-less. Meanwhile, I kept being beaten up by Thane. It was fun but after thinking back, a bit of “salt”/”fist shaking indignation” was felt. Haha
    • The Long Way: (GGJ15 Sydney) I got a fatal ending as you’re never sure if there is a right answer (a lot of guessing what the game wants from you with the dialogue) but the retro graphics, atmosphere and the mood of the music are so good! I really struggled with finding what the word was.
    • Rescue Squad (GGJ15 MelbGGJ): I got to control the ship on the 3 player co-op shooter game!
    • OMG CYCLOPS! (GGJ15 MelbGGJ): I died early by not being a coward.
    • SAVE PRESIDENT! (GGJ15 MelbGGJ): Neon graphics upgrade! I gave some feedback and it plays/looks better than the time I played on my own.
    • Step Up Space (GGJ15 MelbGGJ): I died due to the groovyness of my frantic dance. Survival, damage control game between dancers and AI.
  • Other random things I find at the fun blog

Reflection: One door closes, another opens…?

And then this door shuts at your face. It hurts. But you get up and strive to find another way. Don’t give up just yet! Life just happens that way and never turns out what you have planned.The John Lennon quote, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.,” comes to mind. (Thanks Life Is Strange! Heheh!)I agree; proceed forward with set goals in mind but stay flexible when unexpected things happen. Go by or against the flow; whichever aligns with your belief. Many more doors are ready to slam in your face but there is that one chance that you could walk through one of them!

You can say that there have been some doors shut in my face (life in general) but I got to peek through a few windows! Keeps things in perspective.

And I am ever so grateful for the opportunity so this is nothing against anyone or the circumstances which presented me these magical doors! The special rare ones are stacked with locks, puzzles, traps, warning signs, vague prophecies and illusions too before it can be opened!

I got to test the limits of my door opening skills. I learned some lessons. Things just doesn’t work out sometimes and so you allow those feelings to build and strengthen your resolve to move on and keep going. Don’t take it too personal and serious as they say. Spend time elsewhere.

That’s how it goes for a lot of us. So many inspiring people who have done so time and time again; we’ll just have to keep walking this long hallway of life where random doors sometimes appear in front of us. (:

Wow. Probably too metaphorical; food for thought! We’re deep into February now!

Hey you; yes you! Thank you! 😀
Social media is really an universe of almost all lurkers and an overwhelming beast for me. I’m a somewhat-out-of-the-loop lurker too. Everyone’s time is scarce. And usually it can’t be taken too seriously as people often go for short, attention grabbing bursts of entertaining/brief updates, links, online drama, work, images, videos and what not (promotional, personal or not).

Because of this, I am horribly repetitive in my thanks but I am truly grateful that you’re spending the time with me during any of my blog posts. Not saying that I don’t tweet randomly or post on facebook a bit; they still do have their place for any brief spontaneous things I want to say at least!

Ultimately, I’ll have this main blog I’ll go back to…to ruminate my life and it’s a pleasure to have you along for the ride. Plus, I enjoy blogging so, so much! Feel free to comment below as always!

On labeling Weeks and Years of regular blogging
I don’t even have them in the blog post titles nowadays; it doesn’t matter. Mostly because I enjoy blogging already and it’s an ingrained habit for me. I’m not going to give numbers that much importance anymore. Initially it was there to mostly tell myself that I will do this regularly else I’ll dishonour myself (haha). It still lives in the url address and the heading above though.

I’m not removing it completely because it continues to remind me on how much so-called “official regular blogging years” are behind me for the sake of milestones. I really will forget otherwise. I tend to not dwell too long into the past if I could help it so in a subtle way, it directs me as it is and reminds me to keep going. I don’t register in my head the number actually until a milestone comes about.

The past 2 weeks:

“I’m really feeling it!”

Xenoblade Chronicles quote (hey, I watch loads of gameplay; what can I say)! Even if I’m not feeling it, I’ll have to! It’s the way of being disciplined as they say. As much as the advice of doing what you love is bounced around throughout the ages (including from me), the reality is that not everything is fun, easy and dandy but you get it done and make it at least tolerable anyway.If what you’re doing is what you believe in, keep going! 😀 Try it and give it your all!

That’s the gist of the past few weeks; it’s been a mixture of crazy keenness of arting for Hungry Birds and then trying to land back to what I was previously doing and juggling/changing things up so that I’m not being unrealistic time management wise. Realigning things with my goals.

The February monthly Hermit Derpcast is coming next Friday! Have yet to make it! But I’ll keep nitpicking it until I find a show format I like. (:

Thank you for your company!

Keep adventuuuring you!