“Bahhh!” Happy Lunar New Year 2015 with Kasugami!

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Here’s Kasugami (幽神)! I enjoyed Okami immensely. I ramble more below

Well according to the superstitious prediction I have at hand, those born of the Year of the Green Wood Sheep/Goat/Ram (2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955) are “kind-hearted, helpful, have an artistic inclination and tend to be pessimistic. Indecisive and too passive yet they have fantastic luck in their life. They are elegant and are much stronger than they look. They love their family. They are creative and responsible. Diligence applied to hard work ensures prosperity.”
2015 can be good or bad for them so keep a good state of mind; there will be unexpected harvest.”

Apparently this zodiac is the least desired out of all of the zodiac.
Hmm not too optimistic! Figured that I need to put the sheep/goat in a more positive light and figure out a notable video game sheep character (aside from sheep looking Pokemon and sheep themes in Catherine). Okami was what came to mind. She is an amusing drunk with all that misty alcohol but let’s overlook that part haha

I do have other Chinese zodiac 2015 predictions but I don’t ever find them useful.
Very amusing though to read! 😀

For those who do celebrate it, enjoy!
Get lots of red pocket money and/or great food!
I don’t have much going on for this myself though; I used to. Ah well.

Just a short post for the day!
Thanks for your company! Keep adventuuuring!