Y1W29 Believe in the magic within you

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Oh all kinds of blue used to be my prime, favourite shade of colour.
It’s still one of my favourite colours.

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

You create your own magic. So how prepared are you? Think about where you are right now.
Me? One never feels truly ready so I say let’s just do it anyway. Signal boost! (:

Year 1, Week 29 (30th Jul to 5th Aug)

  • U001LS, U003G
  • Arm and shoulder strain self reminder
  • Characters/Gestures for the Week: Where I draw and experiment around; shield ye eyes!
Memory turnaround of horror
Another memory turnaround of horror; too much noodling
Studies: Figures figuring some poses. Not much this week…
  • People Drawing/Derp Doodles: whoa. One of my frequently typed out words if you haven’t noted that already. Haha
She was blowing kisses at them…? Wha?
Trying to see how much life I can squeeze out of my old yellow
Magic awkward world
Warm up poses
Hello she says, swaying her hips
What is this pose
Fire hot colours I realise
Uhh she guesses so.
Splat pose. I give it 11 out of 10
Sad face. My 14 year old yellow texta finally died. I threw it away. It served me well.
Now let’s see how long this 14 year old red texta can go for.
Yes I’m undertaking a death march for all of my old textas.
Because heads floating in the air is normal.
  • GunBlocks PreAlpha Demo Art: Somehow, fanart I did purely out of fun got out of hand as the cool developers are now using it for their GamesCon flyers (they kindly got my permission first, don’t worry). Anyway, I quickly made my original doodle look a tiny bit better for them as seen below but see their flyer version if you like.

Disclaimer about working for free: Thought I might add this in case I gave the unintended impression. Don’t do work for free if someone wants you to do it (generally speaking)! Especially if it’s something commercial for them. No! Stop! Value yourself as an artist, your time and all the hard work you do! Otherwise consider carefully beforehand as there’s always exceptions from charity related purposes to being personally invested into it as you do it together with reliable people you trust (and so on). Ultimately your judgement call, ensue that it’s fair on both parties and keeping your expectations realistic/on the same page.

By definition, this loosely counts as working for free but I consider this an exception as essentially I drew this out of my own accord without expecting anything already and they didn’t ask for this either. Stressing that I did it for them out of support and they kindly and gladly left my logo there in return! I digress; I hope they have fun over there along with the many other games showcasing there!

I’d say this really early demo will take you 15 minutes tops to finish.
20 or so if you’re fiddly with puzzles. Took me 10 or so minutes.

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching): Minecraft and Garry’s Mod shenanigans, Murdered Soul Suspect, Dark Souls II, Okami, Shovel Knight (ending), Resident Evil 6, Valiant Hearts: The Great War (ending), Forget Me Not Annie, Gods Will Be Watching, Hulk Ultimate Destruction, Slender, Planetside 2, Push Me Pull You, FFXIII-3 a bit, Tokyo Jungle (Survival and Story Modes), Hidden in the Shadows, Dark Ocean, Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects, Thirty Flights of Loving, Perfectum, Imscared, Dream of the Blood Moon, Skinwalker, Tormentum, Left4Dead 2 Mod, Firefall, The Wonderful 101, Brawl, Hearthstone, The Screaming Woods,Nightmare House 2, F.E.A.R.
  • CRAWL Early Access: Yo-ooo it’s out! I might wait it out for online multiplayer as I’m not sure about local multiplayer arrangements. Uh I got the game anyway thanks to my bro’s nudge. Haha. Am terrible at the game but I had fun anyway even though I’ve been through the whole early access version of this game 3 times thus far. It really needs to be more than 2 people for substantial chaotic fun to ensue but we had an AI player to take up the 3rd player role that ultimately won the game during our first run through despite our several attempts at taking it down. At this point I hope for online multiplayer in the distant future and a huge thanks to the developers for the fun. (:
  • Festival Screening this month for Position: Vacant: found out in the past week that it will be showing at the Bayside Film Festival – Jump Cut Short Film (Animation Category). There is also an afterwards Q&A talk with the animators.

Details: Friday 29th August 11:30am (Palace Dendy Brighton, 26 Church Street, Brighton, Australia).

I must say that we are so grateful to be given this opportunity. I wasn’t expecting any more festivals to come our way at all, especially how we’ve reached our festivals admission ‘spend-age’ limit. Huge thank you to the Melbourne International Animation Festival for the kind opportunity!

And this time I don’t think I can get away with not talking in front of an audience. Now I have to participate in the Q&A unlike MIAF. No avoiding it now. Strange new experience for me as I’ve never been on the A side during Q&As! Oh dear.Ah public speaking; it’s been an age. How are you. I don’t think this compares with teaching classrooms and long presentations though (in terms of preparation, rehearsing, planning, audience) so I’ll be relatively fine.

I hope.

My current strategy is to signal that I need time to think before I respond. As I find that some find my silent pause response unnerving whenever I need a good think.

Yep! I’m not a fast reacting sort of person! Turtle Derp.
Probably why I’m terrible at FPS games unless I train myself to do it with long periods of repetition (and I’d rather not!)


Reflection for the Week

How am I going this past week?

Alive.Heads up when I say this, I’m nowhere near death (ha!) but it means I’m tremendously tired and braindead. Haven’t been feeling too physically great either. Having fun and busy with challenges as usual.
Hoping you are alive and well yourself! Oh dear. What am I saying. I’m greeting people at the end of a blog post? What.
Thanks for popping by for this little update. Keep adventuuuring kind you!Continue pushing on with what you believe in.
Protect the magic and zest for life that lies within you.
Okay I need to stop or I’ll start rambling even more corny, mushy stuff. Take care.Leonie