Y1W28 Learning about the Astounding Aztecs

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Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Hoyyyyyyy there! 😀

Year 1, Week 28 (23rd to 29th Jul)

  • U002D done, U001LS
  • Arm and back strain reminder to self: why is my non dominant arm especially sore…?


  • Characters for the Week/gestures: need to get back on doing more of this…
Mix of weird doodles and gestures
figures figuring poses
  • People Drawing/Derp Doodles: whoa what is this sorcery
I am drawing on paper too? Oh no! Some silly sharks!
Heads heads heads yay
Trying to use up my 14 year old textas now
What’s down there…?
What are hands anyway
Hey don’t stalk meh. Serious.
This kind of allows me to not have such a tense arm.
Magical cane stick thing
Not sure what that shirt was…
I like this texta and I am still amazed how it’s still going; it’s 14 years old! It’s running out though.

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching):  Minecraft and Garry’s Mod shenanigans, Murdered Soul Suspect, Dark Souls II, Okami, Shovel Knight, Cryostasis, 1916- Der Unbekannte Krieg, Resident Evil 6, Cannon Brawl, Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Walt is the best), Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King DLC, X-Men Legends II, Blade II, The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 (wow), Peggle 2, The Evil Within, Broken Dimensions, Candles, Hadegonia, Dehinged Mind, Eversion, The Mirror Lied, Pathways Redux, Mondo Medicals, Gyossait, Judith, Forbidden.exe, Blackwell, SCP-087 & B, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, The Lost Souls, Dinner Date, Heritage, Goat Simulator, Whispering Willows, Claire, Unrest, Forget Me Not Annie, Legend of Zelda: Link between Worlds a bit, Pokemon Nuzlocke
  • Whoa, be respectful here: Had an uncomfortable ‘how do I escape’ mission experience but am glad they got the message in the end. I don’t claim to be good at this social thing, will keep learning at it and unintentionally I have been on both sides of the unfortunate situation before where one feels like the other is creeping. Yes, pushing your own comfort zone at your pace is a must for growth. However in this case, I highly regard being respectful with each other’s choices and personal space.
  • Aztecs Exhibition: My brain imploded from all the information to the point that I found myself rereading things many times over without registering anything. It was a good kind of braindead.
    • Stylised cool patterns and faces,
    • huge gap between the poor and the rich
    • priests wearing the skin of their sacrifices like ‘onesies’ until they rot so they’re reborn again just like how snakes shed their skin,
    • warrior lip plugs of jade and feathers awarded for accomplishments but you’d need to pout all the time to keep it in the pierced lip,
    • 9 levels of the underworld and horror if you die through natural causes alone and if you had a dog, it had to die with you to guide you through the torture;
    • how sacrifices involve baring your abdomen to the sky, getting slashed across the chest, having an arm shoved into your ribcage cavity so that your beating heart is ripped out, your corpse dumped onto the pile made up of the others that got offered before you and then your heart is thrust up in display to appease just one of the gods. But at least you go straight to heaven and/or get reborn! Unlike dying from natural causes! It’s a natural way of life for them. Being a sacrifice was more noble than if you’re a defeated warrior and you get treated like a god for your last year of life if you’re lucky.
    • dying from drowning: lands you in a heavenly garden…?
    • the Spaniards wiping out much of their spirituality with their own and loads of debated drama on how the takeover happened…
    • a few surviving Aztecs did get forced by Spaniards to transcribe their ways of life though into books
    • had many gods to appease but some of the main ones was of War and of Rain
    • throwing heads and body parts off a hill was involved in regards to a jealous goddess and appeasing the God of War
    • lower classes, housewives, nobles, slaves, debts, instruments, elite eagle, snake and jaguar warriors, sculptures, paintings, costumes, jewellery, ornaments, everyday pottery
    • intricate colourful manuals, diagrams and hieroglyphs
    • ball games via hips and legs(?) only via stone rings
    • very, very heavy with the spiritual symbolism surrounding life/death, war/territory, food/resources and so on

There’s much more than this or maybe I’m making some of this up for dramatic purposes or I am recounting this all incorrectly; so go see for yourself! (:

I’ve only got a page of horrible doodling done on the day. The lighting there was not good for drawing but great for looking at exhibits. Lord of the Underworld definitely creepy. You’d see him at his palace only if you’ve managed to survive the 9 levels of the Underworld. That thing hanging out is the liver or seed of…something…reached a mental blank here.
Was only able to doodle these afterwards thanks to the help of the pictures up on twitter! Picked out ones that I remembered seeing mostly.
I had another go at drawing the Lord of the Underworld. The seat there was comfy.
The Eagle Warrior was carrying something but I omitted it as I didn’t remember what it was and there wasn’t any photos to help out either…whoops. Doodling with peeps!

Reflection for the Week

Well mostly hermit life, juggling and trying to fix my sleeping pattern like usual.
But I got some learning about the Aztecs in!
And freelancing milestone: I got paid for my first commission ever (ie why I’ve been so busy)!
It’s not much but it actually happened! :O
To think that I was led to believe it won’t ever happen even till next year, especially how I’ve been intensely pressured to get a normal job and that I’ve been wasting my life on art all along, ever since MIAF. But I’m glad I ignored all that self doubt, external pressures and I’ll keep that “I’m a fraud syndrome” at bay.
Meanwhile I am trying to work out how this new freelancing thing works for me from here onwards (so not much advice in this area, I’m also learning!) I’ve done several collaborations and projects thus far but none of them were monetary. This is another little milestone for me and I shall celebrate a little here! Hooray! It feels…kind of official! (:
I can actually say that I’m just juggling between classified client projects and personal projects now? Wow.
I don’t have many clients though; I’m just starting and celebrating the little things here with you!
So far, it feels quite different and it is like a new fun challenge to tackle as I start helping, working hard and creating things for clients to visually materialise their vision, solve their challenge together and run around with bursts of creativity where possible.
But definitely, I shall keep doodling my own thing too!

Phew, need to get going now. Hey you just keep adventuuuring! (:Leonie