Y1W27 Figure Drawing Will Go Onnn and Onnn

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:
Short post! It’s not much figure drawing but…it’s something! Turn back if you want! :O

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

I hope that…song sticks in your head (title of this blog post). Muhahah.
Ah I usually come up with these silly titles in the moment.

Year 1, Week 27 (16th to 22nd Jul)

  • U002D, U001LS
  • Arm and back strain reminder to self: I have resorted to using pillows to prop my keyboard/tablet and arms to keep things flexible. :O
  • Characters for the Week/figures: thanks to the Figure Drawing Challenge this came about…brace yourselves for pending eye surgery afterwards…not much this week but I do what I can.
Reminds me of that Eggheads show
Left them scribbly because I did. Yeah.
Horrible pectorals


Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching): Contagion, Minecraft and Garry’s Mod shenanigans, Murdered Soul Suspect, Black Snow, Schuld, White day, Speedrunners, Home, Dark Souls II, Ib, Okami (just for nostalgia’s sake), Marvel Super Hero Squad, Desert Nightmare, Cry of Fear, The Punisher Arcade, Aquaman, Shovel Knight, When Vikings Attack, Shutshimi, Iron Man X-O Manowar Heavy Metal, Penumbra: Overture and Black Plague, Deadly Premonition, NARC, Peggle 2, Thor: God of Thunder, Which, The Forest, Attack on Titan, LOTR MMORPG, The Evil Within Demo, Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Mario Kart 7, This is Not a Minimalist Game, Limbo, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Scott Pilgrim VS the World, Only If, Cryostasis, Façade, 1916- Der Unbekannte Krieg, Ibb and Obb, Bioshock Infinite DLC, Resident Evil 6
  • A few Karl Pilkington XFM old podcasts: I used to listen to them back in my past career and it helped me get by tough times and I can sometimes relate to his view of the world. And my sense of humour is about being unintentionally, genuinely, unpredictably funny more than scripted comedy. Scripted comedy can be exceptional, unpredictable and well executed of course but that’s rare.
  • GunBlocks Demo Game: Somehow I was aware of it via twitter and had a play of their demo. It’s a mix of tetris, internet memes, 2D side scrolling puzzle platforming, strategy game of limited moves, attacks and utilisation of items, pixel art, kissing drones, a pig co-pilot, a captain with a mustard mint chips obsession and interesting, amusing dialogue. Let them know what you think if you try the game! (:
Just a *really* quick doodle that I did right after playing it; play it if you like! It utilises familar game mechanics but mixes it up in a unique way. A game with potential.
No they didn’t get me to draw this; it’s just drawn out of fun during a little break. (:

Reflection for the Week

Hello. Both somewhat braindead, tired and busy in a good way…? I’m alive? Gawsh.
But I’m managing to push through and trying things out in my routine (sleep, breaks, stretching, exercising, a bit of recreation, minimum social media) so far. No advice to give as everyone’s approach to their day differs. I can’t say if it’s working yet for sure as I keep testing and juggling with time. Figuring things out (especially what things I should be stubborn about) so nothing is set in stone.Just a reminder that I’m going to be out of the loop with things. I’m saying this again because I do feel a little guilty and I don’t intend to appear rude. Using social media to a minimum helps, at least for me however. Just like in person, when I’m online I also prefer to engage with one person to a few people at a time rather than spend it with many at once; too much social activities/interactions can be incredibly energy draining for me. This is why I don’t post much at all aside from my blog updates.

To clarify, of course I will engage with many people when the need arises and I’m not talking about collaborations (a different story!) I’m not saying what I do is the right way either but I’m just saying this how I am naturally while I push my comfort zone occasionally.

Sure I feel a bit bad like I’m falling out of the inspiring art community loop but then again, I know I’m not alone. I guess I shouldn’t feel guilty about this as there are certainly others who feel the same.

Right now I am experiencing the whole rollercoaster ride of taking up challenges, starting things from scratch many times and consciously pushing through with your gut feeling anyway. It will probably be like so in the next several months. And being tired; a good kind of tired. Oh. Also: I dislike instant coffee.But I will strive to get some more doodling in (unlike this week) so I hope my posts won’t completely be barren! Social media or not, this blog will keep going regardless!

And you! Keep pushing on with your adventuuures! Feel free to comment below. (: