Y1W24 Luigi Death Stare in MarioKart8 & Figure Drawing Challenge 2014

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! Get comfy! (:

In this post: Fanart this week for the fun alone with a handful of FDC.
And a little MIAF 2014 recap among other things!

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Luigi Death StareClick on the link to see this stare in GIF action! This version has him smiling with his mouth open. Been playing Mario Kart 8 as my short leisure time last month; reminds me of the old MarioKartWii days. You might have seen this last month.
Explanation of this meme via this Kids React Video.

Year 1, Week 24 (25th Jun to 1st Jul)

  • Zelda doodle
Impromptu Dark Link doodle from the Legend of Zelda series I did last month.
Didn’t really want to spend too much time on it so I didn’t design him from scratch.
Made him dark green though! Still haven’t finished A Link between Worlds! The guilt!
I don’t play much games nowadays but I have a backlog haunting me.
  • Arm strain self reminder
  • Study buddy fun times challenge didn’t think I could finish this as I start to attempt it so I had to put it off on hold and start from scratch next time in double measure
  • Random Characters for the Week: not much this week as I was already doing FDC below with imaginary heads.
#119 to #127 Playtime with silly nonsensical heads and bodies
  • Figure Drawing Challenge 2014: I overthrew the tea table last week. Look below; I started week 1 over again and did two weeks within one. *solemn face* This time I’m doing it digitally (I originally did it on paper) as I need to get back to using the tablet. Rusty…!

I posted these at some mysterious corner at facebook (yet unexpectedly magical people came across it) and after getting some questioning…I guess I can’t deny that I’ve improved somewhat. Hesitant as it’s always not as much as I would have liked but I’m happy with progress alone! I have been drawing gestures from photos sometimes too but I don’t post it here because I’d rather not process even more photos. Or maybe I should do it digitally instead? Perhaps after this Challenge has ended? Hm…maybe! Shall wait and see.

Day 1 Proportions and Front View aka…how do I use the wacom again?
Haha I kid. But I am a little rusty.
Day 2 on Side Views
Day 3 on Gestures
Day 4 on Gestures while Day 5 didn’t exist
Day 6 on Simplified Heads
Day 6 and imagined heads
Day 6 These are so so scary imagined heads
Day 7 Torsos…I think. Coming up with these from imagination is tricky as you find you keep doing the same old thing. So behind with the challenge!
Day 7 Torsos in action using poses from reference
Day 8 Hands
Day 8 Hands
Day 8 Hands and figures
Day 9 Feet and Figures
Day 9 More Feet
Week 2 Notes. I am 4 days behind at this point.


  • People Drawing/Derp Doodles:
There was someone also drawing…it was a showdown!
I was able to draw the person concerned while I kept moving side to side.
One fateful day, I wanted a break from my ballpoint pen and makeshift maths sketch booklet. I chose a vibrant pink pastel and braced myself for horrible attempts at drawing with it on huge paper.
Forgive me for the increased damage to your eyeballs. I haven’t used pastel for quite a number of years.
Bop. Nope. How does pastel even work.
Smudging everything yep
Fun distortions
Converted finger smudges into something…?
Falling asleep with much smudge
Napping. My fingers were stained with pink afterwards!
I hope you didn’t need eye surgery after all that.
A gentleman with a full head of hair was notably snoring in the cinema and smelled like he had not bathed in days was seated close nearby. At least he pretended he was watching by snapping awake sometimes and attempting to applaud when others were. Must be a very tiresome day carrying his huge bag.
“Hello? HELLO? Can you hear me? I got something for you to EAT!” said a lady on the phone.
Not sure if I’m feeling it.
No room for effects unfortunately for his power beam
Maybe he’s expecting some armpit bodily fluids to fall upon his hand.
You did not see this.
And now his head is too small. What.
Ran out of room~!
Blergh arms and legs
Interesting Handy Grabby your own face hands

Other Adventures & MIAF 2014 ends: 

  • Games (watching):  Garry’s Mod shenanigans, Resident Evil 4, Minecraft discussion, Watch Dogs, Estranged Act 1, The Cat Lady (incredibly deep, gorey and disturbing), Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Wooden Floors, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark, Sniper Elite 3, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, CRAWL (oh yes), Papo and Yo, Shovel Knights, Skull Girls
  • MIAF Kevin Kurytnik’s Storytelling Workshop: 10 days of information on Story rushed and crammed into one. Loads of revision needs to be done before I can ascertain what happened! My brain melted and eyes enlightened beyond the usual classical storytelling approach. I need to revise it all another time this month.
  • MIAF ends! Wanted to make the most of my pass and watched two International sessions and of course, the Best of the Fest. Although I won’t do a recap like I did for the Australian Showcase last week, I must say congrats to the winners and in general, it was good!

Reflection for the Week

I’ll spare you the details but I have been receiving increased negative vibes and pressures but the positive ones just manage to stay on top. Just got to keep rolling forward.
Been busy and tired but I do take breaks too!Oh thanks for the small handful of kind words in the past week once again as otherwise it’s just another day for me! Thank you.

It’s July now…gosh half of 2014 is gone. Hmm…I don’t know what to think!
As normal: I’m still a financially poor hermit with a dash of negative pressures but am grateful with what I have and am happily busy juggling. It all cancels out! I am usually neutral so I stress this is a good thing as it’s my default setting, technically speaking. I guess if anything abnormally good happens, it’ll be a bonus!

I would be terribly awkward and laughing nervously if I were to say it in person but here goes…

Heeey you. It’s not easy but let’s keep going purposefully, one foot in front of the other. (:

Until next time so keep adventuuuring!Leonie