Y1W23 Three Words behind my Drive (plus #MIAF14 Australian Showcase)

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

My Three Words: Gosh! How arrogant and pretentious sounding are these three words! Is it? I am definitely one of those people who enjoys being behind the scenes in person while I blog here just so I don’t completely disappear into oblivion.

Here I take a little step out of the comfort zone, even if it is just within my safe blog bubble. Perhaps I’m going to be judged for this but I’m sure no one actually cares.

These are just the three words I believe in and strive to live by.
Shall elaborate on this scary “big claim” in my reflection section below.

Year 1, Week 23 (18th to 24th Jun)

  • Drawing practice, pd, gestures, Stone, Head studies
  • Arm strain self reminder
  • Figure Drawing Challenge 2014: Ack doing it wrong. *upturns tea table*
  • Characters for the Week: Terrible. Witness my shame.
Circular constraints applied
Nooo; experimentation gone bad
  • People Drawing/Derp Doodles: still trying to relax more and I’m not going to fuss if these look half finished from now on. Trying to stick to the time allotted rather than overworking them.
What happened to her body haha
Overwhelmed…need to relax
Labeling with minutes now
A couple sharing a scarf was talking about investments and snuggling with each other. Interesting!

Melbourne International Animation Festival 2014 (MIAF14) 

Australian Showcase Recap

First time for MIAF and RENDER and I still haven’t been able to attend most of it.
At least I got a taste of it! Plus MIAF hasn’t ended yet…so Part 2 next week!

Look I’m not fibbing. My Render and MIAF passes with colourful lanyards!
RENDER Day 1 (only)

I couldn’t stay for the whole day either but I got to listen in some interesting presentations and didn’t completely miss out on lunch thankfully! I doodled people horribly too so…

People doodling sneaked in

MIAF Australian Showcase Recap 
plus a photo at MIAF’s twitter

Couldn’t comment on all the films individually (check out here for the whole selection) but check the following out…here goes! Take a look!

  • Le Tour (James Hazael) – art style and animation was swishhh
  • Position: Vacant – I wonder what this is. All I remember was squirming through it
  • Condom (Igor Coric, Sheldon Leiberman) site of other episodes here– wonderfully amusing and adorable, entertaining story, voice acting and sweet big noses
  • Dukes of Broxstonia: Mojo (Suren Perera, Stu Connolly) – striking art style and incredibly fast entertaining pacing and animation. And that montage!
  • Sausage (Robert Grieves) – somewhat nostalgic art style and groovy music
  • Crochet Noir (Jessica Harris) – Amazing voice acting and well done; wanted more with the ending but I can’t pinpoint what so it’s probably just me
  • Love the Way You Move – Slightly Left of Centre (Aaron McDonald, Ben Ommundson) – entertaining visuals, animation and dance moves
  • The Duck (Simon Cottee) – the art style, soundtrack and visuals are so especially good!
  • The Elephant’s Garden (Felix Colgrave) – engaging insane animated visuals
  • Teagan (Igor Coric, Sheldon Leiberman) – the voice brought it to life here
  • Bless You (Philip Watts) – hey Melbourne. Dinosaurs too!
  • Still Life (Still Life Team) – I noticed some changes but not big ones
  • Rocket Dog (Mel Roach) – Incredibly entertained with fun design and engaging animation. Sooo good, watched it again even!

Was incredibly happy to see most of the Position:Vacant team, my amazing study buddy and familiar faces again plus met some new fun, kind inspiring people!

I was essentially squirming in my seat suppressing my embarrassed laughter when my film was showing. I still haven’t gotten to that point where I can distance myself from it! Now that this is done, it finally might be possible. Wow. Actually, I wonder how that will be like.

Had a wonderful time with my small handful of friends; definitely not the same if I was just going on my own! First time experiencing having a film in a festival and watching its screening…amazing (just as long as I don’t actually watch my own film). Thank you again to all those who came and the amazing festival organisers and staff that made this happen.
I truly didn’t expect to have such a great time. (:

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching): Garry’s Mod shenanigans, Resident Evil 4, Minecraft discussion, Watch Dogs, Last Blade 2, Rimworld, Text and Drive indie game, Goofball, Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage, Demon’s Souls, Battle Block Theatre, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, Richard and Alice, Corpse Party

Reflection: Huh, Leonie’s Three Words?

I’ve had these three words on my wall for several months already as something to strive for and as a reminder. I don’t think I follow these three words with flying colours mind you! I’m just a normal person!Figured I might as well put them up as a header, get judged and embarrass myself even further online. (And I find that I stare at my screen more than my wall!)Maybe it might inspire you? Just note that beyond reminding myself, I don’t have anything else going with this. What am I doing.

Feeling kind of scary and ambitious for me but I truly believe in these three words. Note that these words are defined differently for everyone so I could only speak for myself. Here goes!


For me, fun is learning and being able to design, draw and create stories through characters and visual imagery so even if I am an isolated, quiet hermit most of the time; I get completely lost with time when I’m drawing, think about things and take on challenges.Fun is also being able to be positive, being surrounded by supportive and honest people, have entertaining, new non art related experiences and share this with others, being able to express your voice and looking after yourself in all aspects of life.

Fun means to see the silliness in life and in everything you do, being able to laugh at yourself, take on challenges and to cherish every moment. Fun comes from being able to see yourself and have your voice somewhere in any work that you do. Fun is because you want to, not just because you have to. It is one of the reasons why I call myself Derp as it reminds me to have fun and laugh at myself.


I am driven enormously by learning and improvement; this blog keeps me on the train track. Progress is a better prime focus than comparing oneself to others. Absolutely pointless to compare paths, experience, values, ability, and upbringing and it is definitely a dangerous trap that people fall into often (I put my hand up!) In a fiercely competitive world, I am soundly aware that there are countless more skilled, wonderful, admirable and successful people out there but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Actually surround yourself with such individuals in some shape or form. Fight the personal mental battle, get inspired by them and just keep going for the improvement!I stress that no matter how much advice and research we seek, ultimately we have to make and believe in our own choices. And take responsibility for them. No one else can make them for you. Don’t simply do things just because others are doing it of course but do it because you believe in it and it will work for you. Because you truly believe in it and giving it a go. Anything else doesn’t matter.

To define it, progress means to embrace and celebrate the journey, the process and improvement. Progress is also improving yourself as a person and friend; striving to become a better version of yourself and keep developing towards your constantly moving and evolving target. It is not about chasing to become your ideal perfect self and all the “should, would and could haves” but just about getting better at being true and honest to yourself in every decision you make. Progress means you have a loose plan, maybe as far as a set of milestones towards the ultimate destination, but what’s more important to me is again, improving, experiencing and enjoying the journey along the way more than the destination.

Or as I call it, it’s an adventuuure!


I love this word as it reminds me of the verb. I visualise teeth grinding against each other in pure determination and even saying the word leaves you holding your teeth together (for most people).The word itself is inspired by that TED talk about grit. Google it and go test yourself for your grit score for fun but be honest about it. It doesn’t matter if you get a low score and you don’t need to show this score to anyone as long as you’re honest about yourself, to yourself. Reflect upon your results and make it work for you. I got 3.6 ish out of a scale of 5 last year and after forgetting about it I came across it again in recent months. I didn’t remember the questions so I did the quiz again and got 4.8…I don’t know how accurate this is. I’m definitely not the best example of this word; it’s just something I hope to live by.

Grit means to keep persisting, keep going, get the work done, strive for opportunities, possess strong belief in oneself and staying true to yourself. It means to be prepared for the unexpected, to climb back up on your own two feet every time, own up your responsibilities and learn from your mistakes, to keep going, allow the self loathing moments pass and face your fears and obstacles. Strive to embrace your fears even. It means to take one step at a time, even as simple as just putting one foot in front of the other and taking the failures, rejections and disappointments as they come.

It means being consistent and sticking with something you believe in through thick and thin but be willing to change course as long as you’re still progressing. It means staying true to your words and making sure what you say to others about yourself and what you say to yourself when you’re alone follows with what you actually do — having the integrity towards yourself and to others.

Grit is just a short one syllable word but it means sooo much and is filled with inspiration and motivation to me. It tells me that I’ve got heaps to keep working towards.
It reminds me to just keep working on art. It reminds me to not give up. It gives me hope.

Wow. I just rambled about Three Words…

What have I done? Admittedly feeling uneasy about discussing and rambling about these three words because I’m no sage! Perhaps repetitive but I repeat certain things because it’s so easy to dismiss them as something obvious and not even act upon it.I won’t be perfect at it but I hope to live and learn by these three words. *dramatic scary music*

Does all this rambling help you at all? Is anyone bothered to read this? No matter.

I’ve personally gained heaps reflecting like this already. The hard part now is acting accordingly of course!Journey so far

So much happened this week. Had to run on horrible sleeping patterns unfortunately.
Always tackling this social and art making thing. Gotta believe in yourself as they say!Oh speaking of talking from the future, it’s the anniversary of my existence at the time of posting this, wow.Until next time so keep adventuuuring!