Y1W25 Derp Zombie & more Figure Drawing Challenge 2014

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! Another Fun 5riday update! (:

Let’s go! Journal Time.

Where I try to get the Challenge done with my scribbles

Year 1, Week 25 (2nd to 8th Jul)

  • U002D among others. Juggling personal projects! Challenging myself at least!
  • Arm strain self reminder
  • Characters for the Week: unable to do it this week >: I might have to put this on hold as I do this with the FDC already
  • Figure Drawing Challenge 2014: Trying to catch up a bit but I didn’t get too far! I’m still behind! The hangout was relaxed and I muted someone…er whoops. Still need a long way to go…
Day 10; the guilt of being behind! Got delayed as urgent things came up. Terrible doodles.
Got someone here to scold me too.
Day 10 Had space to fill so…an intruder appeared.
Day 10 It’s getting trickier and I am still wrangling the human body
Day 11 & 12 Notes and figures
Day 11 & 12: Go away Derp intruder. I know it has a long way to go.
Day 11 & 12: Derp Intruder, you have gone too far.
You’ve even got a rodent on board. But you’re probably right.
Fun but my imaginary proportions are ack. Then again, I haven’t actively studied anatomy enough yet.
Noted with messy scribbles
Day 13 terrible whoosh
Day 13 Disturbing
Day 14 Basic Front Muscles
Day 14 More muscles, reminding me how I lack them
Day 14 Imaginary horror!
Day 15 Back Basic Muscles
Day 15 Muscles
Day 15 Sure you are. More imaginary horror here.
  • People Drawing/Derp Doodles: wheee? Not entirely happy with what I’ve done so far but that’s just me. You know me and my nitpickyness.
This mosquito was biting my eyeball, forehead and neck like a hawk.
There wasn’t even any buzzing nose…what an evil silent blood sucker.
Luckily I don’t have huge skin reactions anymore; used to get painfully swollen and sensitively red skin as huge as a tennis ball wherever I get bitten.
Hunching club. Yes, what’s the answer to his problem below? Answer within 5 minutes!
(*cough* I draw on Maths paper remember?)
What are hands again?
Reach up hiiigh, reach down lowww.
So much distortion
Erm I’m drawing yeh, don’t look at meh, yeh? Sure… 
Braided hair. Proportions, I don’t know anymore haha

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching): Minecraft discussion, Resident Evil 4, Deadly Premonition, Garry’s Mod Shenanigans, Skullgirls, Sniper Elite 3, Papo and Yo (full of symbolism…can relate to a degree), Demon Souls, Monstrum, Parasite Eve, Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, Dredd vs Death, Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage, Underhell, Spawn the Eternal, The Horror at MS Aurora, Dreamfall The longest Journey, Injustice, The Forest, Rule of Rose, Fragile Dreams Farewell Ruins of the Moon, Batman Brave and the Bold
  • Fixing computer problems and backing up for the month…it’s like staring back at your past and figuring out how you should organise it all.
  • Mario Kart 8 Where I still prefer karts over bikes
  • Playtesting CRAWL and Space Dust Racing: Finally I got to play CRAWL (early version) and it was full with 4 players! Terribly awesome fun and I got to be a hero and monsters/contraptions in equal measure. You could pick it up and play so easily and we even got to the boss battle as a tentacle attacking the hero with bubbles (haha refrain from the Position:Vacant tentacle jokes; no it’s not my lifelong dream to be a tentacle!) I recommend at least 3 to 4 people for maximum fun. Space Dust Racing looked pretty cool too but death was eminent as you push on with the race. Got to use an XBox controller again as well…? Not used to it as my arms got tired fast. Ah the Work in Beta podcast.

Reflection for the Week: What improvement?

Ah…a relatively light update in terms of images but I am progressing a tiny fraction at a time…?
Been told that I am improving…I don’t firmly disagree…I just don’t feel like it. Or probably this is more about not improving as much as I would have liked. At this stage I shall embrace this discontentment with my art skills and will keep nitpicking for the next 10+ years. Actually, forever. Oh my. (:Hoping people won’t get exasperated at me whenever I say ‘I don’t know’ or a hesitant ‘yes’ whenever they ask if I think I’ve improved though. I respond like so because usually improvement grows on you and you don’t realise it until you tackle new challenges. I do have the belief that I am improving but I concentrate more about whether I’m learning or not. If I’m learning and applying it, then I’m improving.

Wait, what am I talking about? This whole section is all about reflecting on my progress, ie Improvement!
Haha wow, I just reflected about reflection…and it’s not the first time.
Perhaps I think about improvement too much to the point that I don’t know anymore.

That’s probably it.

Brace for more light updates due to all the things I’m juggling. Excited though.

Speaking of juggling, don’t get me started on the terribly long “should/want” to-do list…I do hope to chew away at it where possible and sometimes I jokingly wish I had a time machine to tackle it all. And then I remember again that I should let go and enjoy the process and properly do what must be done.

Incredibly sore and tired the past week due to a milestone deadline I imposed on myself so I am recovering from that! I am a zombie…! I even found myself mumbling incomprehensibly at one point and I couldn’t talk or listen with clarity so I gave up talking for a while.

To give you an idea, something like this came out of my mouth: andthenblurghandfiguringitoutandmaybeyoudon’tneedtodothatanywayahyesthatmakessensenostopaskingthatwhatblurghmeanbyasbdurghdnoididn’tsleepmurchhhdurghhsdbuhhhhhhhhh uhwatdidyehsaydbidn’tlistendurghhhhhhh

Whoa. And this is just from having bad sleeping patterns.
Then again, it’s not as if I was talkative in the first place!
Haha oh dear; a lot of poking fun at myself here.

Being a zombie leaves you saying more sillier/crazier stuff…that is my conclusion.
And I need to figure out how to revert this into something manageable…
I don’t want to be a sleep deprived zombie but it can’t be helped sometimes…!

Until next time so keep adventuuuring!Leonie

*falls over*