SuperListenMode: But I *was* at home

SuperListenMode: But I *was* at home

When a Coward calls out another Coward. Or maybe they were lazy.

It doesn’t happen too much anymore as postal peeps are usually doing alright at their jobs and doing what they can. And how my doorbell makes no sound anymore and nobody realised for quite a time – I taped over it so nobody should/can press it. The doorbell kept dying so it’s just neglected now :<

That said, we make sure someone is present for the delivery. Because we don’t trust them that much given how door knocking isn’t guaranteed.

There was a time where deliveries kept getting “missed”.
They ghosted and promptly dumped the note instead.

(Edit: Probably due to the not working doorbell in hindsight and reflecting back years later?)
Then I had to travel on a bus early in the morning on a Saturday to collect it at a place that’s not even close.

One instance, when I was collecting a package, I was sick…and a man walking with his dog asked me if I was okay.
I was feeling faint. Sleepy.
Was trying to keep consciousness.
Walking slowly. Trying to not fall over.
Was forced to collect a package on my own over the weekend. Was focused on trying to get back.
My nose was visibly running.
I was struggling to hold onto this huge box I collected that is half of my height.
With my infamous old and big backpack on.
I was rushing to catch my bus.

I missed my bus.

I told him I was not okay.

He was quiet and went on his way.

Why bother asking :’)