Y1W26 Oh my. The Figure Drawing Challenge 2014 Ends!

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Let’s go! Journal Time.

Picked out some favourites…?

Year 1, Week 26 (2nd to 8th Jul)

  • U002D, U001LS
  • Arm strain self reminder
  • Characters for the Week: on hold for the time being as I’ve done some for other things.
  • Figure Drawing Challenge 2014 (Pencil Kings): And it comes to a finish! Finally got all 21 days done.
Day 16 Muscles to sketches
Day 16 Imaginary/memory gestures to muscles to sketches
Day 16 It all goes horribly when I try to do human bodies from memory
Day 17 & 18: My nightmarish version of humans in 3D
Day 17 and 18: This is…bizarre. Pudgy.
Day 18 The perspective lines make it all disco-like actually
Day 18 Just realised that they all have weapons
Day 19 Swoosh
Day 19 Absolutely frightening. Their faces helped.
Day 19 Colours of the Triforce
Day 19 This time, I changed you into a lady. Muhahah.
Day 20 Assorted posing and changing things up from reference
Day 20 Mixing things up continues
Day 20 Assortment 2
Day 20 Imaginary horror for this week. I don’t know.
Day 21 Before and After thing. Not much improvement in my eyes except a tiny bit better in proportion.

The challenge is done but still countless much more to learn! Hoped you enjoyed my misadventuuures!
My greatest weakness is the human body, understanding things from memory and figures in 3D at this point.
Basically Everything. Anatomy and gestures in general. 
I apologise for your poor eyeballs. Very embarrassing.

What to do from here?
Hm, I shall go at doing this on a smaller scale but I need to figure out the scope.
Stay tuned for next week!

  • Turnaround challenge for July: I’m doing this for the months June, July and even August as I probably won’t have the time. I had to get this done or my study buddy will get me :O
Turnaround and I added ghostly notes and general ones
Turnarounds and heads and notes
  • People Drawing/Derp Doodles: terrible. Considered using other things that’s not ballpoint pen as hatching with pen takes ages yet I had to do it quick sometimes so it tenses up my arm
Wine and marriage
There’s some hidden message here
Blergh poses
Amputation becomes a habit
looooo, he said
What are my legs
One leg is now gone
This page is 5 min total
Oh hey
Hello chair. Kind of neglected you.

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching): Minecraft discussion, Resident Evil 4, Deadly Premonition, Garry’s Mod Shenanigans, Sniper Elite 3, Fragile Dreams Farewell Ruins of the Moon, Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage, Foul Play, Double Hetler, The Wolf Among Us final, Pokemon, Shovel Knight, Spiderman ps1, Watchdogs, Vanish, The Forest, Ghost Rider, Catwoman, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, Haunting Ground (oh no), Unturned, Lurking
  • Discovered Spotify and is trying it out a bit…*hides back under hermit rock*
  • Smash Fighters Reveal for 5 Fire Emblem Characters and Capt Falcon; was one of those 70,000 people watching it live because my bro made me. Looks interesting; but I shall have to play to see.
  • Doctor Who trailer: eh keeping myself neutral here.
  • ANIMATION PAPER Indiegogo: I used PAP4 (free and older version of this software) and eased into it even if the User Interface was horrible. I enjoyed animating storyboards on it at the time so much that it became this old half baked animation. I haven’t backed it yet, but I am considering it! Much better interface! Take a look! Not sure if it will be funded though at this rate…

Reflection for the Week

Okay the Figure Drawing Challenge helped but heads up that in coming months there won’t be much visuals to see as I’m busy with some urgent unmentionable personal stuff that need doing.
I’m a zombie trying to fix her sleeping pattern so I might type less (gasp! Tis’ blasphemy!)
Journey So Far

For this week though, I am glad I did the figure drawing challenge as it made me realise I can practice and draw freely digitally again. And own it even if it looks terrible to you. A lot of the work I did for the challenge calls for much improvement to me (perfectionist in me wants it “correct/accurate”) but I had fun, practiced, let things loose, did hangouts, embarrassed myself by posting it up outside of this blog’s bubble…and my homework for it got a bit weird and bizarre at several points. Ahem. Hopefully your eyeballs are okay.Welp, hermit life and online ninja lurker mode continues. It’s so very cold also but much more preferred than the unproductive heat of warmer seasons.

Alright take care and keep going, you! Keep adventuuuring!
Shall hide back under my rock now.