Y1W22 Spooky faces! #PositionVacantShort tomorrow at #MIAF14

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

In this post: The Melbourne International Animation Festival 2014 is here! Note that this short film won’t be officially and publicly online until early next year 2015.

I’ll probably be quietly overwhelmed but hope to see you there at the Australian Showcase! (:

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Hey, it’s the Position: Vacant Team! Will Higgins, Victor Mahnic, David Tonkin, Tony Nguyen and Derp (aka me)! Kudos also to Tim LeFevre for the extra generous help in sound design and editing. This violet image was done in January but I waited until now to post it here.

Finally it’s this close! And a festival I can physically attend! I can’t say it’s the greatest graduate film ever (so keep your expectations neutral if you haven’t seen it haha) but my team did an incredible job in seeing this film through to the end – putting in countless outside of class time hours on top and making the best of things under the constraints we had. It was definitely a learning experience!

I will probably cover my face in horror and embarrassment as I watch the film on an enormous cinema screen but it feels pretty awesome to be part of the festival at all!

Thanks so much for the kind support and I really hope to keep working on collaborative projects in animation, games or anything visually fun. (:

I’m more looking forward to the 17 other films; seen my own film too many times!

Year 1, Week 22 (11th to 17th Apr)

  • Drawing practice, pd, gestures, “Stone”, “Untitled001LS”, “Untitled002LZ” doodle
  • Changed my portfolio a bit
  • Figure Drawing Challenge 2014
  • Arm strain self reminder
  • Characters for the Week: I am getting worse
#63 to #68
#69 to #71 and bad studies
#72 to 92 Cheating with ghost heads here hohoho
#93 to #101 restricted by circles
  • People Drawing/Derp Doodles: not much this week
“Are you drawing me?!” …uh nope.
Nah that didn’t happen. But I fear one day it will.
How did he get here…? Lost and confused looking.
Stretched silly proportions

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching): Garry’s Mod shenanigans, Resident Evil 4, Minecraft discussion, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Alpha, Wolfenstein ending, Watch Dogs, Last Blade 2, Samurai Showdown, 25 to Life, Watch Dogs, The Dark Within- Destiny Alpha
  • E3 2014:  the game announcements and gameplay.

Reflection for the Week

On Staying True to Yourself
So far it’s been a lot of lessons this year for me! Ah life.
One lesson that keeps coming back as I keep evolving lately:

*Take your time* (stressing this: weeks, months, years, actually…your whole life; however much time you need rather than rushing it and imposing expectations upon yourself) to be and stay honest with yourself with everything you do. You know yourself the most so the belief in yourself starts here through honesty, not self depreciation or dismissive arrogance. Especially be honest with your changing life and career goals. How you’d like to be remembered when you’re long gone? What kind of person do you aim and strive to be? This might mean you’d need to keep doing different things for yourself to find out the specifics and stay flexible with your goals. No one can give you the “right” answer but experiencing it properly yourself  helps you find and narrow down what’s right for you.

Obvious for many but I find that I need to be reminded to *take the time* and I note that some people would just dismiss re-evaluating their life every now and again until something goes terribly wrong. If you have done this before, do so again. Are things going as well as you like right now?

Your current actions speak louder than what you say to others or tell yourself. What you do in reality  represents so much more about your priorities, values, respect for others, how you want to live out your life and how far you’re willing to push things. Expectations that others and/or you place upon yourself hinders you from seeing this sometimes. There’s the realisation and acceptance of whether you’re actually comfortable with how things are so that dreaming (or even complaining) about what could have been is enough for you. Or you are already actively (however slow or roundabout) changing your life and working towards your focused and developing dream, even if you might not even reach it (you genuinely don’t care that it’s not guaranteed, as long as you’re doing it).

Maybe you are happier or more fulfilled doing artistic things on the side for yourself rather than working for others’ visions despite being employed in an area you don’t enjoy. Maybe you do want to see your creativity brought to life as far as you can to serve the commercial world despite some compromises along the way. Maybe you can find a realistic balance in between. How far do you want to take things? What do you really want in your life? In any case the uncertainty won’t go away so just be honest with yourself. As long as you are, who cares what others think and it will be wonderful, whatever path you take.

This is something we all at least think about during every stage in our lives (myself included). Focus on the present; not fixate on past choices, chasing an extreme ideal and what you can’t control. It’s just so easy to forget what’s in control and what’s out of your control when you’re deep into something so when I realise this, I step back and reconsider.

If you’re feeling alone: talk to someone you trust, knowledgeable and respect about this to get support and new insights and even vent to (and of course do the same for them!) But ultimately it is up to you to decide how you’re going to move forward everyday with your life, not them. Sure, we don’t have unlimited freedom in our society but our choices are filled with potentially surprising, magical experiences and opportunities.

Essentially be kind to yourself, stay open-minded and hopeful and do things where you are true to yourself.

Okay here ends me being rambly and philosophical to myself; of course you can ignore everything I said!
I’m still learning!
Journey so Far
A tiny little milestone for me; a little nervous and excited for tomorrow’s MIAF screening!
Shall tell you about it!

Until next time so keep adventuuuring!Leonie