Y1W21 Zeniba and Yubaba; Sides of the Same Coin #Ghibliladiescollab

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In this post: Where fanart is a sometimes thing for me but brace yourself to a few more to come!

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Studio Ghibli Ladies: Anyone remember this movie? No? Haha. During the first time I watched Spirited Away, it was a Cantonese dub (I don’t understand all the formal words) and so when I saw Zeniba, I thought it was the same lady at first and it confused my little kid brain (ie why is the antagonist helping the main characters?) Their heads are so gloriously huge; had to just focus on the bust.
I’ve always wondered that if they actually battled it out, who would win; it’ll probably be a tie.Playing with a terribly harsh cel shaded approach (kind of like some of the older fighting games) and doing this out of fun and the plentiful wrinkles. Young people are fun to draw but changing it up is fun too!
I was considering adding a health bar but that’s overkill so I opted for the character select context. Sidenote: I do not know Japanese.

Year 1, Week 21 (4th to 10th Jun)

  • Drawing practice, pd, gestures, Stone Project 
  • Arm strain reminder to self
  • Fanart: doing a few as part of my break but it ends up taking a while! Whoops. Need to get back to sketching now. But you’ll see the fanart I posted on twitter that I did on a whim as I space them out for future posts.
  • Head Anatomy Review/Head Challenge: Since April, I’ve done 200 terrible heads excluding my Derp Doodles and Characters for the Week sections so far. That’s not much actually. It’s just for 2 months. But learning is more important than quantity. I just care about progress. I know I improved since last year at least?
  • Characters for the Week: mixture of study and imagination
Study and #52
Study and #53 Terribly off!
Study and #54. No I haven’t watched Maleficent.
#55 to 60 Doodly Heads
  • People Drawing/Derp Doodles: once again, we delve into the world of…people. Surprised? I thought you would be. Trying to ease up my arm as well this week; not working at the moment.
Some bizarre world with giants going on here
There was a girl that looked pouty and sad. Trivia: one of them are not female…!
Gestures and heads apparently
One of them is lying down!
One day, heads did not exist.
He was pressing his head against the window
Pinky and some thinking time
Tiny people! Ooo.
Heads! Struggling with applying stuff on this paper. Giving this a go again.
Invisible gestures whoops
Struggle with paper and my 6B continues. You could see it in person though. Faintly.
6B kind of getting there but I had to use too much pressure
Had enough and added some charcoal on top for visibility purposes
Went back to my infamous makeshift Maths sketch booklet with my 6B
Return to the ballpoint pen! What a journey!

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching): Garry’s Mod shenanigans, Resident Evil 4, Minecraft discussion, Infamous Second Son (Reggie!), Roar Primal Fury, Drakengard 3
  • Mario Kart 8: Kept sticking to middle weight characters and making jokes as Luigi. Is Morton a Mario version of Taz the Tasmanian Tiger? Again, being a baby character is no fun; you get pushed around! And then some online Japanese players come around and prove that babies can win too. I don’t know what’s real anymore though I guess it really depends on who you’re playing against and how practiced you are for courses with a stroke of luck.
E3 2014 Trailer and Conference watching:
Interesting happenings but reserving my judgement! Many look awesome but gameplay is what matters in the end. I saw Microsoft’s, Sony’s and Nintendo’s conferences.
  • The new WiiU Zelda looks amazing (what do you mean it’s not necessarily Link?! Speculations about the new Link’s gender ensues) and looks brilliantly open world and cel shaded…I want to play!
  • Metal Gear Solid looks awesomely confusing as usual but the initial trailer released earlier this year was better,
  • Mario Bowser Party was terribly amusing to watch him rampage,
  • cg fight between Iwata and Reggie was hilarious,
  • Robot Chicken animation sections in the Nintendo conference were sweeet,
  • we wanted it (or at least I did) and so Captain Toad has his own game of awesome,
  • Splatoon looks fun and strategic,
  • Wooly Yoshi and the Clay Kirby games look visually wonderful and appealingly adorable but too easy looking in terms of difficulty as usual,
  • feeling neutral about Midna but glad you could play as Zelda in Hyrule Warriors (plus all the Zelda easter eggs and tributes)
  • the Smash Invitational on Twitch and demo videos were amazing to listen to (that MegaMan Final Smash magical moment)
  • Classic Pac-Man in Smash looks so cool
  • The Amiibo figurines look amazing in quality on their own
  • I can imagine all the crazy levels that could result from Mario Maker
  • Really want to know more about the game, Inside
  • No Man’s Sky looks interesting
  • not games I would play but Far Cry 4 and Bloodborne trailers looked intriguing
  • Grim Fandango

I’ll keep my expectations in check and wait till the games are actually released (I am biased though it’s not just Nintendo’s games I’m curious about as Ori and the Blind Forest looked beautiful, The Division looked visually immersive though what we saw were actors pretending to be playing and Dead Island 2‘s trailer on its own was fun and well done with Jack Black’s voice at play) but I’m left feeling positive especially when you get to see lots of Nintendo game footage from the Nintendo Treehouse team!

Nintendo impressed me incredibly this year when compared to the disappointing previous years, here they actually acknowledged the Luigi Death Stare meme, all those Robot Chicken jokes, loads of gameplay and many other amusing moments. They knew what their fans wanted, made fun of themselves and teased people extremely well (like Star Fox). To me, they were brilliant this year as their conference alone had constant positive momentum and kept me on the edge of my seat.
Sidenote on my games backlog list…I still need to play Mirror’s Edge

Reflection for the Week

I daresay it’s a cycle of personal work, personal commitments and learning and then wanting to just get away for a break to freshen up and play some Mario Kart 8 with my brother.
Still falling down the rabbit hole aka my art journey.
Cheers to future challenges to come, whatever and whenever they may be.Whoa. Another short reflection this week. Shock.
Incredibly busy as always but I can say I’ve progressed a tiny bit at least…!
Yes very reserved with my judgement as I know it’s a slow process.Oh reminder, next week if you’re in Melbourne, come along to Position: Vacant‘s screening as part of Melbourne International Animation Festival 2014’s Australian Showcase on June 21st! More details here.  See you there!

Until next time so keep adventuuuring!Leonie