W29 Position: Vacant in wondrous colour

Leonie’s small blog island says hullooo! (:
This post is more packed relative to the previous ones so let’s get to it.

Let’s go crazy! Journal Time! 



31st Wed 

  • Train adventuuures
Gentleman on train who could not stop looking around.
I drew these…not on the train but by being sneaky elsewhere. Shush.
  • PV Environment: besides loud coughing fits driving me to tears at times (hence scaring people for their lives around me), I started working on the *active Creature* colour palette of the environment in class. Generally good feedback on my colour choices so hooray! Back in class, I can talk again at least so that’s a plus! Still, I got drowsier as the day went by.
  • Became team leader for the week at the end of the day…this will be interesting.

1st Thurs August

  • Train adventuuures: (at last)
Aside from the usual heads not staying stationery long enough for a detailed study, I listed what tangible things I hope to buy someday. 1) portable cintiq equivalent 2) sketchbook (but since I’m using my scraps collection I don’t really need it) 3) DSLR entry level camera 4) Higher performance desktop computer 5) My own 3DS rather than sharing it with my brother. There’s others that are non-creative/game related but perhaps another time.
  • As a team leader: worked on the sound asset list, minutes documentation, team meeting with Heath, sorted out a main milestone and got updates from the rest of the team.
  • PV Environment: worked on the colours for the secretary and waiting area walls (part 2) and had to revise my colours for part 1 to match its richness.
  • Got reminded by a few inspiring artists’ timely online words, so let me summarise and paraphrase them into a heap for you along with my own personal tidbits:  

Stay patient. Simply enjoy what you do. Strive and keep making good work and thus prove your worth. Don’t freeze in fear; your life is not in danger and you are a capable human being. Remember to enjoy and balance all aspects of life. Keep believing in yourself, embrace the journey and see where it takes you. (:

 I’m not saying I follow the above to the dot, but let’s work on it together. (:

  • Figure Drawing adventuuures
Gestures again…trying to get it down in 30 seconds.
I know there are more ladies than men…
…so for my longer ones, here are two men for you.
And some 4 minute ladies.

  2nd Fri 

  •  Figure Drawing adventuuures (in class)
I do wonder if I’m getting anywhere everytime I do this. I do plan to look into it but time is not on my side so far…at least I’m getting some practice in.
…ignore the two headed mutant.
  • PV Environment: thanks heaps again for Victor‘s tablet being lent to me once again (as my graphire4 tablet doesn’t work on the school computers anymore–the Intuos drivers have taken over…). Because of this, I was able to polish up and finish the environment colour script! Huzzah! 
Environment Concept part 1: CEO wall and Wall of Portraits, The Creature’s Dormant State
Environment Concept part 2: Waiting area wall and Secretary wall, The Creature’s Dormant State
Environment Concept part 1: CEO wall and Wall of Portraits, The Creature’s Active State
Environment Concept part 2: Waiting area wall and Secretary wall, The Creature’s Active State
  • As Team Leader: held a meeting to touch base, went over our milestone and what we’ll need for next Wednesday. I didn’t really have to do much as our team generally knew what needed to be done! There were technical issues coming up but the relevant team members will sort something out. Essentially I just kept minutes during the meeting and the end of day dailies.
  • PV The Interviewee colours: went for a cool, depressing colour palette. His suit does not match as he is a poor, weathered, lonely, downtrodden fellow who has lived a hard life and lost all hope and joy in anything in life. Intentionally he has a nondescript age because as mentioned in my character bio in past posts which feature his earlier development, he is the embodiment of what most artists (or whomever following a passion) fear in becoming. He is starting to grow on me but I’m still biased towards the Janitor.
PV The Interviewee colours: Anyone remember this guy? The main character? No? Okay.
  • Research Project: Now all my previously discussed ideas for topics are out the window (I was looking forward to visual storytelling and character creation too…) as there’s a newly revealed list of criteria today, involving a lot more work (but probably not as comprehensive to the research essays I’ve done during previous tertiary courses). As I struggled to find something relevant/interesting to me and applicable to the assessment criteria, at this stage I am not fully convinced I have a feasible and interesting topic. This is something for me to figure out, especially what my focus should really be. Apparently this might be due in three weeks, but I’m putting this and my concerns about it on hold for now.

3rd Sat; You can now get email updates!

  • Get email updates by filling in the form at the sidebar! I’ve found a way without using Feedburner to allow people to get updates through weekly digest emails. This is for those who’d rather not use RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook to keep tabs instead. The most you’d ever get is an update email a week because I hate spam as much as anyone else. Note that this is not an official and elusive newsletter but my blog updates in the form of weekly emails. (:
  • Figure drawing adventuuures:  and filled up my A5 sketchbook and a sketchpad at last; I haven’t finished one in years. Someday I hope to fill sketchbooks much, much faster but then again, I have been drawing on loose leaf paper and elsewhere. I believe I don’t draw enough…but dwelling on guilt doesn’t get you anywhere.
Gestures of people
Two that didn’t make it in the previous page.
I couldn’t finish rendering the one on the left.
You could tell that I ran out of time.
Have some more poses.
Improvements needed for the 11 minute lady
  • Put up a real dorky photo of me at my About Page: I won’t deny that I’ve been avoiding getting too many photos taken of me all my life (though nowadays it is less so), but I think it’s time for me to ignore my personal self image (at least for the time being), officially give up my online anonymous ninja status and prove to people I’m not a bot living in the internet. So here goes: “Hullo, this is what I look like during the Melbourne winter months of 2013. Nice to meet you. (: “
  • PV The Interviewee Colours: the second part of orthogonals and the head turnaround are now coloured; I hope to draw him more consistently next time!
PV The Interviewee: You’ve might have seen this before but it’s now in colour.
PV Interviewee Head turnaround: in colourrr now

4th Sun

  • Figure drawing adventuuures
Could this be? I’m drawing in a 6B pencil?!
Nope. You’ve been seeing things.
It looks like I’m overdoing it with ink but there were loads of dark shadows.
The backdrop is actually my rough storyboard sketches for PV but it turns out I didn’t need to do it at all so I drew on top of it to save paper. It was at the chicken scratch stage anyway.
  • PV The Tentacle colour: these are colours for when the tentacles are on their own.
PV Tentacles in colour: click through for better quality.
  • PV More Colours as follows:
PV The (60’s dollface) Secretary
PV The (shortie) Janitor: He had another colour variation but it didn’t fit in the environment.
PV Colour Composite 1: Just to see how the characters fit colour wise
PV Colour Composite 2: Also works as a scale comparison between characters.
PV Prop Briefcase: Interviewee’s muddy friend.
PV Props Bookshelf, Clock, Cabinet now in colour
PV CEO door in colour: nothing else new here
PV Prop Desk: The drawers side of the desk won’t even be seen in film though
PV Exit double doors: the final won’t have words on the glass and the glass texture has changed to vertically textured frosted glass instead. Only coloured the chosen EXIT sign.
PV Props: Wall Frames and remnants of the Interviewee’s artistic past.

5th Mon 

  • Drawing thumbnails, starting to design the newspaper prop (after finding out who the 12th Doctor for Doctor Who is of course; exciting choice!) Didn’t do much drawing wise but a lot of other things.
Me figuring out possible job ads I can make up as well as the title.

6th Tues 

  • Figure drawing adventuuures
Some poses for you
The bulge on her knee was her original head size but then I decided to draw her larger. I forgot to watch the time for the huge lady but the other ones were all 1 minute.
Some ladies…I need to draw more males but females are fun to draw.
Stretching for the last pose.
  • Self portrait for the day: I guess I’m starting to do these again, in case I haven’t annoyed you with my face enough (but more because it’s the only face I can draw from life really). Sidenote: I don’t wear glasses at home, if you’re wondering why. I think I’m already sick of my face.
Overdid the ink at some places but this here is my deadpan/zoning out normal face.
  • PV Production textures: Did the intentionally imperfect film title in Illustrator. The newspaper texture I did the layout for (it is essentially a blurred up version of a mash up of Google images– scans of newspaper cuttings) and included my own newspaper header, The Desperate times as well as our specialised job ad. 

Oddly enough, the newspaper took the longest, but probably because it didn’t involve or require too much creativity and yet I had to ensure it looked mostly convincing as a newspaper page.  I made up from scratch the textures for the Curriculum Vitae and the Bill notice. I actually wrote sensible text for something that probably won’t be read with a fake signature plus scattered easter eggs as a bonus!

PV Interviewee’s newspaper; he’s been looking for jobs.
Overdue notice texture. Yes I typed up actual writing.
The CV or Resume texture

Reflection for the Week 

This week: PV colours, email updates are available again at the right sidebar, an actual photo of me at my About page and I’m back to figure drawing exercises. There’s still the research project and many other things to get going however but I’m slowly getting back on track. Being a team leader so far is not as crazy as I thought but it’s because I’m working with great people who are self driven. Sidenote: not sure if I’m contagious anymore but I’m coughing less now. Recovering from the paxpox 95% by now. (:

I hope you are keeping your head up on your own journey and are staying positive. Thanks for looking, especially those who have been reading! (:
Until next time, Leonie