HouseKeeping: RSS feed changeover!

Hello friend!

If you’re subscribed to my RSS feed or my RSS email updates, you’d need to revert back to the original RSS feed link instead as follows:

At the moment, the old feed link redirects to this link but only for a limited time of 29 days before the Feedburner feed link will die out. If you would like to keep being updated via RSS, change your subscription feed link to the default one.

I realise that I can no longer stay with Feedburner as they’re basically not supporting it anymore. I wished they would have made it more clear and obvious that it’s becoming obsolete.

I think you can also use RSS to make email updates for you instead, through places like Blogtrottr or something else that suits you. I haven’t used Blogtrottr though before, so don’t count on my word here. Otherwise, my Facebook Art Page and Twitter are still going strong, and are great to receive updates from my blog too, once I get the connections going between them once again.

Hope to keep seeing you around and thanks for your kind support in my arting journey (:

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