Cooking without hands!

Hello kind viewer,

The following was something I did to practice Realistic Lighting and Rendering.

2D Paint over Lighting Design; how I plan the lights and colours will look like

What’s going on in this scene?
It’s an early morning kitchen scene with sorcery happening, helping out with breakfast!

The actual Rendered scene, with Lights and Customised Materials added. Click to see it bigger.

**Disclaimer: the models themselves and the food surface textures are not modeled/photographed by me. However, I worked on the composition of elements, lighting, shader materials, composition of the render layers and colour scheme.

Learning Process…
First time trying to make things look like metal, glass, ceramics, wood, liquid…architectural things. The models themselves weren’t completely clean or well made as I had to fill in several holes to make it work and you can tell based on the the design and the actual rendered scene, I made my floating objects closer towards the viewer. I also tested whether to put a magical glow on the floating objects but it didn’t work out.

Feedback appreciated!
Although I am not going to work on this scene any further, feedback/paint-overs commenting on the composition of the objects on the screen, the lighting, colours, the level of realism, the framing of the shot and so on is welcome!

Thanks for viewing! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time from,
UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity
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