Dishonored Fanart: Queen of the Heart

Um yes, fanart out of the blue…

I haven’t and won’t play the game Dishonored, but I’ve watched some people play through the whole game instead. Then I wanted to draw something. So here’s a short blog post!

I can’t say I’m happy with it anatomy-wise but I shall keep learning!

The Empress that got murdered at the start of the game.


In regards to the game itself, the plot is not too bad, the gameplay is generally missions and sidequests with many approaches in doing it (stealth, causing violent chaos or somewhere in between) resulting in different outcomes (from being a vengeful killer of hostiles and civilians, killer of only the hostiles or not killing at all) but it’s a shame that there’s no special ending for those who didn’t actually kill anyone at all and was hardly undetectable–as this approach seems really hard.

Some characters like Granny Rags were somewhat disturbing, The Outsider is a complete enigma and it’s interesting how Emily’s fate and approach in life as a person is determined by the player. When dark vision is overused the graphics become really hard to distinguish between the details, I do find that you can get over powered at times and the AI characters don’t even look above eye-level (though if they can, it will be incredibly hard to play).

Anyhow, thanks for looking! (:
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