Friday the Thirteenth

 Thirteenth of a Friday. The 13th of July.
Thirteen and Friday on the same day.
Friday the 13th.
  But you’re not superstitious, are you?
Course not.
 But this shall be the day you will never forget…
…once you hear this gruesome story.

Here’s an aspiring educator from a university near you.
Here’s another teacher from a high school near you.  These two are just two of millions of educators around the globe, and
all of them continuously have to keep doing courses and training to keep up with
modern times to teach the children of the world.
However, there is a rising epidemic going on. Educators initially show the following symptoms: amnesia, fatigue, apathy, glazed eyes and some witnesses have even reported seeing some without pupils in their eye balls at all!
One of our sources indicate that there has been an evil zombie professor on the loose spreading the educator-specific disease worldwide for a long while now.
It has been recently discovered that educators are initiated into becoming zombies and currently top secret intelligence forces are out trying to find the location of the headquarters of this code named “zombie university” that started it all. Meanwhile backtracking from various hotspots from primary to high school and universities scattered worldwide has proven to be a challenge even for our top zombie crisis professionals.
This was a snapshot from a recorded video of a missing student, last seen last month heading to his hometown school. The school in question is currently in lock-down and is under investigation.
 Today is the day this top secret issue has been revealed to the world and as a society, we have to keep protect ourselves. We need to lock up those who have become zombies as they cannot suppress their desire to devour our brains for too long. Do not kill anyone until they have been proven to be a zombie and a dangerous one at that. This is because there have been some cases of zombies that became our allies, helping us realise who we were really facing up against.
Updates will keep coming and we shall keep you posted.
Friday the 13th is a very grave day for us indeed.
And it will be the day where all loved ones lost will be remembered.

This is a very serious post.


I didn’t really plan all this…pictures were drawn there first and the story was bluffed around it.
Decided to do this on a whim! No I have nothing against educators, I just had an education catalogue at hand and this was born. There are brilliant and inspiring educators out there regardless of whether they belong to an institution or not.

Thanks for reading and for the support! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time from,
UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity

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