May 2012 Pen Sketches

Hey there! Last Friday of the month of May so here’s another blog post to invade your screen.

Not much drawn this month as I was either:

  • juggling with “loads of crazy assessments due” this month (mainly)
  • reading tintin or being brain-dead on train rides instead
  • it’s getting harder to draw from a safe distance
  • don’t want to draw the back of people’s heads all the time

Excuses aside, I’ve added some colour to some of these!

Was I disappointed that it was just a pair of teens and not a couple of slobbering, hungry sea creatures? I’ll let you decide. On another note, I need to use up these textas/markers/highlighters with colours I rarely use. Black, red, blue, yellow and green tend to run out first. 🙁
Public Transport Congestion aka being sandwiched at the top isn’t fun but there are much worse cases out there |  Saw a slightly bigger moon on the 8th May so decided to draw it
Hoodie Couple | Train Announcer calling the automated train announcement “stupid” because it kept saying a train was delayed | Been drawing more random furniture as people are becoming scarce & would rather stay home (assumptions made here)
Didn’t get to fill in this page yet, so you’d see this again next month!
Uh, more ladies from junk mail catalogues | Assorted body types | How most of us can’t have energy + time + money at the same time all the time

Well that’s all for now, as always, time goes fast when you look back so try to keep rolling in the present & make the most of the future!
As for me, I really need to make some time to actually do some drawing studies and not just life drawing. Also, I’m going to run out of pens at this rate. Good but cheap pens are hard to come by 🙁
Donate me some? And some markers? And another sketchbook? haha

Thanks for reading and for the support! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time from,
UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity

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