Skyward Sword Portraits VIII: Grannie of the Ages & ramble

Did this on the 24th of December 2011. No photo reference this one.

I started these portraits, intending to practice and Skyward Sword kept me motivated. (:

This is the eighth and last one I did. I still wonder how she sees when her eyes are not visible. This is also my second time I drew her from scratch because my first attempt turned out horribly like a sagging pumpkin face!

There is no more to come for the portraits series. See this tag [Skyward Sword Pencil Portraits] for the rest of the series.

I thought she was a tent at first sight; pardon my bluntness
Why do people do anything at all? What is the purpose of existing?

Just some calligraphy-esque doodling. Questioning why anything at all happens. Why does so many people love [insert something here]? Why does [a group of people] feel ignored, pressured or bullied? Why is society like this? Why is the world like it is? Why are people more unfortunate/luckier than others? Why are you are where you are? Why are other people are where they are? Why are you reading this blog?

Then why not? Why can’t it happen? Why should it always stay the same? Why can’t you change something even if little? Why can’t you bring a little more good to the world everyday? Why can’t you keep true to yourself? Why can’t you keep improving? Why not?
Possibilities and questions that lead to answers and more questions–this cycle–is essentially what makes life worth exploring and making mistakes for amidst the wonderful, heartbreaking and memorable experiences.

What makes anything frustrating, risky, uncertain and difficult so worth it? Your passion in life.
Your mission, goals, aims, dreams, bucket list or however you’d like to call it.
For some, they are still searching for that passion, or finding a new passion, or they are already passionate in themselves, family, friends, career, community, skill, etc.
What’s most important is that you focus on taking care of yourself first and you keep striving for improvement, persist, be patient, grasp opportunities, share and learn from others during your whole lifetime. /rambling

What I’m feeling for a looooong while: restless, impatient and something!
Excuse me for using this blog as a bit of an outlet.
I’m sure many are feeling the same regardless in the differences of circumstances. It’s frustrating.

Further notes, people sketches and anatomical sketches:

Again, excuse the blurry quality of my camera phone.
That’s all I could do tsk tsk.